Sunday, 23 August 2009

Fortnight in September...

...or rather, 10 days at the end of August. As you know Persephone Reading Week starts tomorrow, and the last title I'm intending to read on Friday is Sheriff's Fortnight in September. Because, we will be off on our holidays to the seaside, and I have been saving that book to read (even before PRW was thought of!) as it seemed like an appropriate title.

Anyway, I have been starting to pack. Here is my suitcase:
We are taking some of our collection of books about Cornwall:
I have chosen some books for my boyfriend:
And got out some books for myself:

This little collection consists of books I have been saving for a while (Maiden's Trip; The great lover; The well tempered clavier), books which I know I will enjoy (the two stripy greyladies titles), books which seem appropriate for a holiday by the sea in the summer and in Cornwall (Summer's day, No signposts in the sea, The tent the bucket and me, Zennor in darkness; The sealady), and some chicklit/light reads (Fixing Kate, Guppies for tea; Cast of smiles) which I've picked up in charity shops.

I'm not intending to read ALL of these; I like to have things to choose from. And I'm visiting Foyles this week so may add to this collection...

Thank goodness we are taking the car, and not flying anywhere!


  1. lol, thank goodness indeed! I also always pack more books than I could possibly read. Have a wonderful holiday!

  2. You should be well relaxed when you get back! Love your collection of books to read whilst you're away, I'm really hoping you manage to read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel...breathe...Pie Society (such a long title). It was my absolute favourite of last year, a real treasure. Have a super time you two!

  3. Fabulous selection! Although it looks as if there won't be room in the suitcase for anything else...

    The Sheriff is definitely an appropriate choice and I'll be excited to read your reviews of the Viragoes and The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society especially.

  4. The Guernsey... is wonderful, so do read it if you can.
    Have a lovely time!

  5. Enjoy your holiday!

    I found Hunting and Gathering a suprisingly good light read, and would recommend it.

  6. Love the suitcase! I have Cornish ancestors apparently and would love to visit there when I am next in England. A Fortnight in September is on my Persephone wishlist - hope you enjoy it (because I will probably then too!)


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