Saturday 1 October 2011

Finished cross stitches

I managed to procure the thread to finish off my Boofle cross stitch earlier in the week, and I have to say that gentle stitching in the rest of the feet and fact was a very relaxing activity at the end of some mega busy days this week.

I also finished this Christmas bauble from the set of designs that I found in the cross stitch magazine. I rather like it as it is so colourful.
What next? I have to confess to having bought another Boofle design when I bought the thread; it's not Christmassy though and perhaps I should stick to more mini card designs. I did enjoy the bauble, so maybe another one of those...


  1. Good looking cross stitch. I plan to do some this weekend, too hot for knitting.

  2. They both look really good, well done, Verity.


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