Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Library loot

As you can see, I've been flexing my library card already, both to mitigate my self-imposed book buying ban and also to pursue some Cornwall themed reading. I had an excellent visit on Monday, picking up three brand new chick lit books, an older male-chick-lit book, and four Cornish books.

On the left-hand Cornish pile I have:
Careless in red (Elizabeth George) - I am already most of the way through it, and will be writing a post about Cornish detective fiction soon.
The magic of a line (Laura Knight) - the autobiography of an artist, which I have already read, and will be writing about along with other Cornish memoirs next week.
Plotted in Cornwall (Janie Bolitho) - another Cornish crime book from the Rose Trevelyan series.
Village by the ford (Gordon Channer) - another Cornish memoir which I hope to read before I write about Cornish memoirs

On the right-hand light reading in bed pile I have:
The life of Reilly (Paul Burke)
Seven secrets of happiness (Sharon Owens)
Moonshine (Christina Jones)
Twenties girl (Sophie Kinsella)
I've read books by all of these authors before, and as I like to read something light before I put the light out, I am stocked up for a while.


  1. That is a very good haul! Looking forward to hearing what you think of them all! I still haven't read Twenties Girl but Sophie Kinsella is always a good read!

  2. I love Cornwall so Cornwall themed reading sounds like a lovely thing! Have you read any Rosamunde Pilcher?

  3. Dot - yes, definitely will enjoy that one!

    Naomi - you are going to have to keep visiting my blog this year then as I'm going to read LOADS of Cornish books. Yes, to Rosamund Pilcher :)

  4. Managed to get over here to check out your other blog at last. Good luck with the Cornish challenge. I'll be interested to hear what the Janie Bolitho books are like as I've had those recommended to me a couple of times.

    Is that a new Sophie Kinsella?

  5. You have a nice mix of books there Verity! Is that a new Sharon Owens? I've fallen behind in her books but enjoyed the first few.

  6. Hi Cath - welcome! The Janie Bolitho was good - nothing hugely special but an enjoyable read. YEs - it is the new Sophie Kinsella.

    Darlene - I think so!


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