Monday, 1 February 2010

A frugal (and fairtrade) February (and March)

Owing to Christmas, an excess of book-buying necessitating new bookshelves (as you can see from the picture), having had a break between jobs, an unemployed partner, and the imminent arrival of Lent, I have decided that it's time for another spell of non-essential spending. We hope to buy a house this year, so I have a big incentive to save the pennies. The last time I did this, the support of those who read my blog was absolutely invaluable, and I'm sure I'll need it again as February is such a miserable time of the year. I intend to keep this up from now until my birthday (3rd April) which is Easter Saturday. So, no book-buying, clothes buying, DVD buying...and trying to cook from things in the cupboards where possible (we have a huge amount of food at home, yet still end up buying masses of groceries...however, if we are going to move house then I definitely don't want to move all of my supplies, so now is a good time to start getting things streamlined).

Fairtrade fortnight is also coming up, and one area where I don't plan to skimp is on fairtrade goods (particularly as they are often on special offer during this time). This year, the Fairtrade foundation are running The big swap and encouraging people to swap the items they usually use for fairtrade equivalents. I'm quite conscientious about using fairtrade items where they are available, and we always use fairtrade sugar, coffee, tea, and bananas. It's a little difficult for me to extend this with my current dietary restrictions, but I'm going to see how many extra things I can include (rice, honey, juice, herbs and spices...), and I'll do some fair trade baking for my partner, and hopefully resurrect bake of the week.


  1. Hi just started to read your blog recently I also collect Viragos but haven't read as many as you yet! Just saw you don't have High Wages, I have a new duplicate copy if we could perhaps swap with one I don't have if you have any extras? Rachel

  2. Fantastic bookshelves! I really need something like that - mine are all in wobbly piles!

    Good luck with the buying ban - I hope it allows you to save up enough for a wonderful house!

  3. Good Luck!! Buying a house is very exciting - my boyfriend and I got our flat over a year ago and is so nice to have somewhere which is truly your own. And the bookshelves were the first things to be set up...! So best of luck with saving the money!

    I do need to cut back on my book buying at the moment... have gone a little crazy in second hand bookshops since Christmas. Oops...

  4. I'm sure everyone will be very good about supporting you through another round of putting the brakes on book purchases. Your library card will see a lot of action I'm sure!

    I really love your heart-shaped baking and Valentine's Day is quickly approaching....

  5. I'm still eyeing all those grey books along the top of the bookcase ;-) Good luck with the buying ban...saving for a house is the perfect incentive!

  6. That sounds like the best kind of reason to forgo shopping for a bit. I hope you find some really good books at the library!

  7. fantastic blog.very Good luck with the buying ban - I hope it allows you to save up enough for a wonderful house!yeast infection

  8. Thanks everyone!

    Rachel - I don't have any spare Persephones and I'm not willing to part with any of the ones I do have, but perhaps you would like to swap it for a couple of Viragos? Drop me an email - verityDOTormeATgmailDOTcom

    Jackie - you think I buy that many books?!

    Escaping - it will be worth it - I don't want to buy any more shelves before we move either!

    Darlene - I will be doing heart shaped baking of course!

    kate - I already have!

    Subas - thanks for popping in :)

  9. Good luck! You did very well last time so I'm sure it will be easier second time around.

    I try to buy fairtrade where I can and bananas always!

  10. Good luck with the book-buying ban. One of my resolutions this year is to read more books lingering on my shelves to therefore more selective when buying books. I wasn't very successful last month (I bought 10 books), so will be restricting my book-buying activities this month. I defintely do not have the will to impose a book-buying ban on myself though!

  11. Claire - I don't think it ever gets any easier. Fairtrade coffee and tea are also easy swaps.

    ABS - 10 books seems quite restrained compare to me last month!


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