Sunday, 2 October 2011


Well, September wasn't the best month was it?! I learned that I am bored at home on my own, I got plantar fasciitis and had to abandon a 9 week running programme after only two sessions, and THEN I got mumps. I didn't manage a chore free evening...

But I am determined that October will be better! I bought some running shoes yesterday and today I made it out for a 30 min run/walk. I then cycled down to the swimming pool (3 miles) and swam 3km before cycling back again. (Isn't it funny that I cycle and run in miles and swim in km?). I hope my legs will be ok tomorrow - the swim stretched them out - and although I was worried that my foot would start hurting again, it didn't seem to. I hope to go out running again on Wednesday evening.

Tomorrow will be a chore free evening! I am going round to make Christmas cards with my wedding lunch photographer. If I'm honest, the hot weather has made me lose some interest in Christmas - I'm cross stitching a mini beach hut at the moment.

Otherwise in October I'm looking forward to a trip to the theatre, a trip to London and a singalonga Faure Requiem!

With regard to reading, I have no especial plans. I would love to get back on track with the Virago Modern Classics books but it is a bit of a struggle to be honest. I am hoping to write a post once a week mentioning all of the books that I have read each week - I think it would be nice to share what I am reading a bit more, even though I lack time and brain function to write "reviews" this time.


  1. You have had a busy month. I am glad you are better though. I am impressed by your fitness levels. I wish I had your stamina.

  2. A busy month however you look at it.

    When it is hot, Christmas seems so far away! I swim in km as well - strange!

  3. I think it is different being at home ill rather than being able to do everything you want.

    I took part in a Cycletta North ride (40k) today, and only really 'trained' for about 3 weeks before, as I only just decided to do it because of my trapped nerve which sort of stopped everything. It was great being in the company of like minded people and the atmosphere was wonderful.

  4. time to recline delicately on the sofa with some good Victorian novels if you ask me. I do hope that October is a better month for you.

  5. Vivienne - I still feel unfit - I want to get fitter!

    Jo - it must be strange having Christmas in australia.

    Campfire - that is very impressive! I want to master that sort of distance so I can do a triathlon.

    Hayley - well, at least i can't get mumps in October. JUst freshers flu...


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