Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Library loot

I thought I'd do a quick library loot post since I popped to the library at lunchtime. I have to say that I am heavily aware of every library book that I borrow now that they have to be added to my panniers (which are already laden with swimming kit and change of clothes) for me to take them home.

More ketchup than salsa: confessions of a tenerife barman (Joe Cawley)

What I really wanted was a book about Tenerife; I have booked the swimming camp that I mentioned the other day and since I've never been anywhere like Tenerife I thought it would be prudent to get a book about it. I know that it is a volcanic island and that the beaches won't be white beaches of my imagination, but rather black sand, but I know very little else. Sadly, all that was in at the library was this book by an expat barman. Still - it was better than nothing so I've taken it.

Scarlett Feather/Copper Beech (Maeve Binchy)

My brain has been fried again this week so it's been back to Maeve again. They're chunky books and I've read them before but they're lovely to sink into at the end of the day.

The brightest star in the sky (Marian Keyes)

Like Maeve is Marian Keyes. I'm not too sure if I've read this one or not, but it looks like a good "end of the day" book for me.

Vintage tea party book (Angel Adoree)

You can never have too many baking/tea books. Actually, you can (umm yes, there might be a bit of a confession coming up in a few days time...), and that is why, despite hearing good reports about it, I haven't actually bought this. So I was delighted to see it in the library. Lots of lovely picturs. Again, that makes a nice "end of the day" book for me when I am too tired to actually read.

What have you been borrowing from the library recently? What do you like to read for a good "end of the day" book.


  1. I picked up the Brightest Star in the Sky in a charity shop a few weeks ago, not got round to reading it yet.

    You will be fit with all the exercise and carrying the books - your very own weightlifting.

  2. Dear Verity,
    Have just started reading blogs, particularly book blogs and after lurking a bit had to say how much I have enjoyed reading yours. Some have had me feeling a little intimidated but yours is incredibly friendly and I was a bit amazed to see someone who also enjoyed the chalet school series, lives in Oxford, and enjoys the occasional easy read when their brain has turned to mush (my version of fried). You've helped inspire me to start on Persephone and Virago books so thanks!

  3. Hi Jo - yes, it is just like an extra special workout!

    Kate - how nice for you to come out of the lurking zone - do pull up a chair as I think there is probably some cake around. I have to say that I seem to blog less and less about books and more and more about cakes, but never mind - got to get the priorities right!


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