Thursday, 13 October 2011

Homemade chutney with home produce!

I know I was excited about making my Christmas chutney, but how much more excited did I get about making chutney With Things That I Grew Myself?! (actually, I didn't grow the pears, they just "appeared" on our tree that is in our garden, but I picked them and Mr W will prune the tree next year, or whenever it is that you prune them). I've made pear chutney and green tomato chutney! (The green tomato chutney is a Nigel Slater and actually includes some red ones too as Mr Slater advises that this makes the mixture taste better)

I'm not quite convinced by the Nigel Slater green tomato chutney - I think it was my fault for leaving the lid on the saucepan (in an attempt to try to make the house less vinegary), but, it meant that none of the liquid evaporated off. I drained some of it off but the chutney is quite runny. I would have another go, but the astonishingly unseasonal sunshine the other weekend brought all of my tomatoes on!


  1. Lovely. I've made apple and walnut, which is tasty but the opposite of runny -- a bit too stiff. I'm going to have another go, though -- as, although I didn't grow the ingredients myself, they were all free from the neighbours (this is France, by the way, where everybody but me has a glut of produce at the moment).

  2. I made sun dried tomatoes with the glut that my had, I think she has some more that needs doing.

  3. I've had chutney two times in my life, both while I was in London. Once was in a sandwich and the other time it was served as a side with burger and chips. How do you use it, Verity?


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