Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Cake makes everything better

Yesterday was a hard day; I was absolutely flat out at work and by the time I eventually got home there was no way that I was going out to make Christmas cards :( I had dinner of a mars bar and some peanut M and Ms and went to bed at 9.15. I got up in the middle of the night to have cake as I was hungry and there wasn't anything else that didn't require cooking. This is the cake:

It's an apple, pecan, gingerbread cake, and I spotted the recipe here.
I have a strong belief in the healing properties of cake. Today has been far better, I managed coffee and tea breaks, had lunch with a friend (and bought her flowers to cheer her up), I've eaten healthily and got in my 5 a day (although I know I really should have had 10), and I fleetingly met Yvann from Reading Fuelled By Tea. It's also the final of the Great British Bake Off tonight - I have sent Mr W out to his cycling training session so that I can concentrate on it properly. It is a busy week though, so please bear with me on the posting front!


  1. I can imagine how baking/eating cake could help heal a little. I am glad today was better.

  2. I can certainly see how that cake would make everything better. It looks delicious! Best of luck with the rest of your busy week.

  3. What will I do on Tuesday night now?! The Great British Bake Off became quite addictive and I'm now keen to get back to baking my own things. I was glad that Jo won.
    I like the sound of the dark chocolate and marmalade cake on your list.

  4. Here here to cake making everything better. Hope the week continues to improve.


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