Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Banana blondie

I'm trying hard NOT to bake this week while K is away. It is just a little too close to the wedding for my waistline, and having put on some weight due to over consumption of chocolate due to stress, I am drinking lots of peppermint tea and mainly hoping for the best. But this is cake that I made last week (served with a portion of fruit, do note!), while K was trying dismally to do his Open University assignment that is due while we are away. It's not finished... But this helped.

It's a banana blondie (blondie being a white chocolate banana for the uninitiated), which I made to use up some manky bananas... It didn't come out terribly brownie like, a bit more like a cake or a tray bake. But it was tasty. Here's the recipe.


  1. Oooh I very much like the sound of this! Thanks for putting the recipe!

  2. Love banana in dessert! Especially cake!

  3. I would take that confection over math any day!

  4. Omg i made these... AMAZING.

    I really should keep away from this blog its SO not good for my waistline!!



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