Friday, 15 July 2011

IABD: competition entry

Here is my entry for one of Thomas' IABD competitions - the category "best picture of your pet reading Anita Brookner". I don't have a pet, but I do have Bernard, so I asked him if he'd participate. As regular readers will know, although he's a fun-loving bear, he does also take things seriously, so decided that he would read through the novel that I had borrowed from the library for the event.

He said he was a little disappointed that there weren't more bears in the novel, and he was a bit sad about the lack of pictures, but mostly he was concerned by the book's last line: "It is not yet time to put the book down" - he told me that he'd got a crick in his neck from sitting at that angle on the sofa, and he'd quite like to be able to put the book down so he could go and have some cake.


  1. Bernard is a well loved and well read bear!

  2. At this rate we will start to expect blog entries written by Bernard himself!

  3. I'd vote for you and Bernard to win!

  4. I share Bernard's consternational at that last line too!! Aaaaaargh!

  5. love the pic :)

    hope Bernard got the cake... eventually:)


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