Sunday, 3 July 2011

Hen party chocolate biscuit cake

A quick follow up to yesterday's post which showed off my loveheart cupcakes. As my hen party had a vague Royal wedding theme (bunting, tiara making, royal wedding hen party socks...


I suddenly realised 4 hours before the ladies were due to arrive, that really what we needed was a chocolate biscuit cake. After all, if Kate and Wills had one, then we should have one too. Here it is:

If you look carefully, you can see that there are actually two layers, and the top layer is heart shaped. Would you like to know how to make one? It's a very versatile recipe as you can make it dairy free/egg free/vegan/nut free/gluten free if you need to.

Melt 100g of hard fat (butter is fine, but I used vegan margarine) with 100g of dark chocolate (sometimes dark chocolate can contain milk so check the label if you are catering for a dairy free/vegan diet) and 1 tbsp of golden syrup. Then, bash up 100g of biscuits (digestives are good, but if you are catering for dairy free/vegan/gluten free diet then buy appropriate biscuits - the Free From aisle in the supermarket or a health food shop is usually a good place to look) into little crumbs and stir them into the chocolate mixture with 80g of dried fruit (I used cranberries, but raisins would be good, or dried cherries) and 80g of nuts (chopped up a bit) (you can always add extra fruit if you need to leave out the nuts!). Then, put most of the mixture into a tin, lined with clingfilm (this tin is an 18cm round tin). Put a heart shaped cutter on a piece of tin foil on a plate, and fill it with the rest of the mixture. Put both the tin and the filled cutter into the fridge. After an hour or two, the heart shape should have firmed up, so remove it from the cutter and place it on top of the cake in the tin. Leave for a further two hours, until the cake is firm. Remove from tin and serve!


  1. You can't go wrong with chocolate when ladies are around and I love the socks!

  2. I loved seeing all the pictures from your hen party. I loved the tiaras the best.

  3. Hello Verity, your hen party cakes look quite delicious, and I also have that Portmerion cake stand. I love using mine because I think it always makes cakes look that extra bit special. All the best for your forthcoming wedding.

  4. Ooo what lovely cake I can feel the calories from here!

    I hope you had fun - not long now until the big day!

  5. I think I may have to have a go at this cake, it sounds lovely!! Hope that you had a great hen party xx

  6. There needs to be more gluten free recipes. Thanks for your efforts.


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