Friday, 22 July 2011

Some wedding and Austria themed holiday reading!

Apologies for the lack of posts in the last week or so; it is now only a week until I go to Austria to get married! K has been away since last Friday, and I have been ridiculously busy with all sorts of things, mainly involving the wedding cake, which I am happy to report is now covered with marzipan and icing and dowelled [dowelling stops the cake collapsing when you stack it], and just waiting to go to the venue for our wedding lunch when we get back to be stacked and beribboned. We will also have guests staying with us over the wedding lunch weekend, so I've been desperately

Whilst I haven't actually started packing yet - I intend to do that over the long weekend that I have booked (mainly to catch up with K's washing after he gets back on Sunday) - I have sorted out the books that I have been stockpiling over the last year to take with me. The books fall into three categories - 1. Salzburg/Austria related. 2 - Wedding themed. 3 - Books that I have been hoarding!
1. We will be starting out trip with 2 days in Salzburg, just to give our luggage a chance to catch up with us if necessary, and so that K can finally visit the airport museum, I can go on the Sound of Music tour. So in this pile I have two books relating to the Sound of Music, a guidebook to Salzburg, and a Salzburg travelogue which I came across on Captive Reader's blog.

2. In the wedding related pile, I have a couple of Persephones, both to reread but which are wedding/marriage themed. I also have the book where Anne of Green Gables gets married, which was recommended when I previously asked for wedding reading suggestions, and The wedding wallah, which is the next Marriage Bureau book, kindly sent to me by Abacus. I've also a copy of a Madeleine Wickham book passed on from a colleague, and the three books at the bottom of the pile were ones spotted in Blackwells and chosen purely on the basis of their titles.

3. Finally, the books that I have been hoarding... You will see a couple of Greyladies, as well as a couple of reprinted Lorna Hills and a Pamela Brown. I've also been saving Caddy's world and have nearly finished my rereading of the Casson family books. And I am so excited to read The wilder life about Laura Ingalls Wilder - it has been hard for me to resist picking that one up!

I think that should do me nicely; I may just pick up some chick lit from the library, and K has a couple of books that I've sorted out for him which might do if I run out of reading material (heaven forbid!). But actually, I am hoping to be so busy with spending time with K that I might not read very much at all - what with the house, and my swim, and K's cycling, and 6 day weeks at work until the start of this month we really have spent very little time together since April, and I can't wait!


  1. Not long to go!!

    Well the books look good but really I'm excited about the Sound of Music Tour!

  2. I love that sorting your books has taken priority over packing! And, perhaps more importantly, I'm hugely impressed by how many you're planning to take!

    Love the Salzburg selection; it looks like you're going to read This Salzburg long before I do! I had ridiculous amounts of fun on the Sound of Music tour and hope you do too.

    Anne's House of Dreams is good, but rather sad, though I'm sure Greenery Street will be able to delight you enough to off-set that. The Wilder Life is great and I commend your discipline in holding it back as a treat. A Young Man's Fancy also looks wonderful.

    Good luck getting through the craziness of this next week!

  3. I didn't realise you were getting married in Austria. How delightful! I hope all goes well and that you have a wonderful time.

    Cath at read_warbler

  4. Congrats on almost being married! I hope you have a wonderful wedding and a great time in Austria.

  5. What a lovely lot of books to take. Hope there is room for the clothes!

    I am looking forward to seeing the photos but also all about the Sound of Music Tour and about the books. I love the SoM and have only read an autobiography by Charmain Carr who played Leisel.

    I would love to read more.

    Have a wonderful time.

  6. You must be so excited! It's so sweet that you've been hoarding books to take with you. I've been wondering about your wedding cake so I'm glad it's going well. Please take some pictures for us. I hear Salzburg is lovely so enjoy:)

  7. i love to see a pile of books to read!

    I hope the wedding goes well. It sure will!


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