Monday, 2 May 2011

A very large cake

I thought you might all be entertained by this picture that I took whilst mixing the middle tier of my wedding cake on Saturday. Inspired by the Royal Wedding on Friday, I thought that I had better get on with the task of making my own cake as there were only 3 months left to go, so I made a start with the middle tier (the top tier will be vegan and gluten free and won't keep so well, so needs to be made nearer the time). I suddenly realised that I had hit a snag on Friday night when I weighed out the fruit to soak it in brandy, and it filled my largest mixing bowl. What was I going to use to combine the fruit with the rest of the ingredients? K came up trumps and found his wine-making equipment which includes a rather large bucket, and washed out it suited my purposes admirably. I used my Kenwood mixer to cream the butter and sugar and beat in the eggs (11 of them!), but I stirred it all together in the bucket before pouring it into the 10" tin. This enormity spent 6 hours in the oven and smelt wonderful! Next Saturday will be the 12" but I'll need to start before lunch if I'm not to be up until midnight. I'm relieved that eggs will be on offer at the supermarket at the end of the week as I need 17 for it...

PS: Decoration not yet decided, have just started a cake decorating evening class, which I hope to post more about in due course (but was stymied last week by the migraine and general poorliness).


  1. Wow! That will be some cake!

    I do not envy you stirring it! Ouch, though cannot wait to see it. Don't drop any of them eggs now.

  2. Goodness, you must be exhausted after all that stirring! How exciting though - I'm sure the cake will be delicious!

  3. That sounds huge! And very tiring. Do cakes keep that long? How do you store it so it doesn't go off?

  4. Whoop Whoop Verity how exciting - not long to go - Whoop whoop!

  5. Wow, how are your biceps and shoulders after all that? Well done for making your own - this tutorial series made me realise how much effort goes into a single wedding cake. You're amazing!


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