Sunday, 22 May 2011

Library loot

I feel very grateful that when all of my books are in a jumble, up the road, I can still get library books, and on Friday lunchtime I took my library book bag along and stocked up. I can even borrow Persephone books (albeit one of the two that I actually don't have)!

Here is a selection of things that I have found to read whilst I try to make time to put my feet up on the sofa ahead of the Very Long Swim (hmm, not a chance!). I was especially grateful to the kind lady who helped me locate a copy of Heidi (in the newly revamped children's section of the library), and agreed that sometimes one does want to reread children's books. I spotted on the way out this Allan Ahlberg book which I think may make Bernard and myself sad.


  1. A good selection of books, plenty to keep you going whilst everything else is higgledy piggledy!

  2. Oh Verity...I don't know if it's your camera or my contact lenses but I can't make out the Persephone title! Which one is it?

  3. I like your book bag too! 'A Vision of Loveliness' and 'Farewell Leicester Square' look interesting so looking forward to your thoughts. 'Heidi'! Never read it but grew up with the cartoons and had my own Heidi soundtrack... must read it :-) Good luck for the swim!

  4. I look forward to your comments on Farewell Leicester Square -- I read it several months ago but never got around to posting. And I've never read Heidi, it looked so treacly to me, I never did read it as a child. Maybe I'm just associating it with Shirley Temple whom I've never liked.

  5. Thanks Cath and Claire- it was a present from a friend who saw it and thought of me!

    Karen - I've read it before; I don't think it is one of my favourite, or the most gripping Persephones - I think betty Millar's On the side of angels is a far better book.

    Cristina - I have Vision of loveliness in my bag today - it looked intriguing. Not sure I'll be able to gather my thoughts but I'll try.

    Darlene - sorry, my hands were shaky when I took the picture. It's Farewell to Leicester Sq.

    Jo - Thanks, and thanks for your comments on the house blog :)


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