Monday, 9 May 2011

Wedding cake baking

As some of you know, I have had a plan to make my own wedding cake for quite a long time. And, anticipating a house move at the end of the month, it suddenly hit now or never if I was going to make fruit cakes. I decided early on on a three tier cake; the top tier will be vegan and gluten free (but that will have to be made nearer the time as the one I made for Christmas went mouldy after 7 weeks), and the bottom two are rich fruit cake according to the recipe that my godmother used for my mother's wedding cake. (I'm also wondering about a chocolate biscuit cake as they are on trend right now...).

What an enormous undertaking it turned out to be. Here is the mix from the 10" cake which was my first venture. I realised I hit a snag when soaking the fruit the night before entirely filled by largest mixing bowl. K came to the rescue with his wine making bucket.

Here are the ingredients for the 12" layer - yes, that is SEVENTEEN eggs.

And what it looked like when it was mixed together.

I am a bit concerned that the 12" may be a little overdone around the edges; it spent 10 hours in the oven to get it cooked in the middle... Will feed it with plenty of brandy and hope for the best.

Will speak more about the decorating in due course.


  1. I love fruit cake at weddings, and generally any thime of year. I'm sure your's will be delicious.

  2. A bucket in which to mix... I'm sure it will all turn out amazingly, and even better, you will have a good story to go with it. My wedding cake story is "went to Oxford Cake Shop. Ordered cake. Ate sample. Cake turned up miraculously at wedding" - less exciting.

    Am excited to see what you do with the decorating!

  3. wow, I'm sure your cake will taste wonderful!

  4. I used to cook for a living years ago and one Christmas made and sold overf 250 puddings. I had wine buckets all over the kitchen filled with mixture and I emptied half a bottle of brandy in each one covered them up and left them overnight. the smell the next morning in the kitchen was divine!!

  5. I'm so impressed that you are making your own cake, I can't wait to see the finished product!

  6. I would happily suffer death by fruitcake! Give me all of your cake and a box of teabags...sheer bliss.

    And yes, you're quite amazing, Verity.


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