Saturday, 14 May 2011

Confetti cakes

Thanks for all your kind comments on my last post - I should have been clear, the reason I'm NOT indulging in comfort reading is because all of my books have gone ahead of me to the new house

I have, whilst not keeping up with blogging about them, still been doing a lot of baking. K, who is working hard on the house, needs cake, as do I for my 10km swim (please do sponsor me if you can - I've raised over £700 now but there's still a way to go if I'm going to reach £2000, and the two charities I'm supporting are excellent). I've finally learnt to make GOOD homemade gluten free cake. I used to say that it wasn't worth trying to make gluten free cake because the supermarkets did it so much better; I was wrong, and I am finally enjoying cakes very similar to ones that I used to. The secret seems to be firstly a decent gluten free flour blend, and the Dove's Farm Self Raising Flour is wonderful - a mix of grains with baking powder and xanthum gum, and then extra liquid - you seem to need a very sloppy batter, so a good amount of milk should be added. I have had much success with puddings so tasty that K didn't even realise that they were gluten free until I had some (after he had finished his!).

Anyway, I have a colleague coming to help me with some painting on Saturday afternoon, and I promised her cake in return (along with my now obsolete bread machine). We spotted these rather delightful confetti cakes, and in the spirit of baking from the cupboards, I decided to make them as I had an enormous number of tubs of sprinkles in the cupboard. I just used my regular gf fairy cake recipe and then added LOTS of sprinkles.

Sadly mine weren't so pretty. But they are rather tasty...

[This is posted belatedly as blogger crashed when I tried to upload the photo - cakes were appreciated and painting was done - more to do next weekend though]


  1. Verity, I use Dove Farm GF flour - self raising and it has worked well for me when I make cakes. I think I usually add 3 tablespoons of milk, to my 2 egg sponge recipe.

  2. Yum Yum Yum, didn't even realise they were GF :) As an aside - I have those plates (and mugs, cutlery and bowls)!

  3. Those look lovely and yummy! Well done on perfecting the gluten-free recipe. It's amazing how delicious 'free' cakes can be when we've been taught otherwise. I do my own vegan cakes and muffins in SA and I can't recall any difference in taste from non-vegan ones.

  4. Lovely cakes to go with a cup of tea! And you have great friends pitching in to help out, I wish that I could join in.

  5. I hope your painting is going well. It's the longest bit and then everythign will start slotting in to place.


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