Friday, 29 April 2011

Wedding reading suggestions

Dear everyone - I have been meaning to ask you all for a while for some advice on Wedding Themed Reading, and what better day to do it on that Royal Wedding Day? After all, it is the second most important wedding of the year, giving everyone a bit of a dress rehearsal in getting excited for August 2nd. I'll be at work but I'm hoping to catch most of it online...

As our wedding is also our honeymoon, and also our next (already much needed) holiday, I'm starting to think about what books to take with me, and saving books which I am looking forward to reading for then. As you can see (under the wonderful postcard from Paperback Reader Claire), I have made a subsidiary TBR pile, adjacent to the VVV TBR and the general TBR.

So far it features a book about Salzburg, two books related to the Sound of Music (we will be going on the Sound of Music tour as part of the trip - I have already booked the tickets!), The Wedding Wallah, the latest by Zama which had to be included when it arrived purely because of the title, quite aside from the fact that his last books made great holiday reading, Greenery Street, a Persephone to reread that is very much about early marriage, and a little pile of books that I have been "saving"...

I'll ask for Austrian themed reading in a few weeks time, but I'd love you to suggest books which feature weddings, marriage, honeymoons that would make wonderful honeymoon reading for me!


  1. I'm unable to check your VVV archives at the moment but have you read The Salzburg Tales by Christina Stead, The Wedding by Dorothy Baker and Marriage by Susan Ferriers? I can't remember...

  2. How about Anne's House of Dreams by L. M. Montgomery?

  3. I immediately thought of Greenery Street as I began reading your post but I see great minds think alike, you beat me to the idea.

    August is going to be here before you know it, Verity.

  4. Claire - yes, I have. I think I've covered most if not all of hte wedding theme VMCs...

    A literarywayfare - is that the one where Anne gets married? Good idea!

    Darlene - I know, I absolutely can't wait!

  5. I agree with A Literararuwayfare, Anne's House of Dreams is so romantic, perfect honeymoon reading. And yes, it is the one in which she gets married :-)

    I like Emma by Jane Austen as it starts with a wedding and ends with an engagement, all very romantic. And if you like Jane Austen and want something fun and light you can try Linda Berdoll's sequel to Pride and Prejudice - it is called Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife and features a rather steamy wedding night...

    For something rather sober to make us appreciate modern marriages there is The Six Wives of Henry VIII by David Starkey - six marriages where the main goal for the wives seem to be to get out of it alive.... Not romantic but interesting reading.

  6. Willa - that is a great idea about the David Starkey - I will definitely try to get hold of that for something a bit different to read on my wedding trip.

  7. Just to say Greenery Street is perfect honeymoon reading. I loved reading it on mine.

  8. Not a VMC, and I don't know f you've read it yet, but I am currently enjoying 'Miss Buncle, Married', which I think would be perfect honeymoon reading... especially as she is looking for the perfect house :-)

  9. I have a small pile of books with a similar theme for the exact same reason! Not really one to read so much as look at, but the V&A have recently published a gorgeous little book called 'The Flower Wedding' by Walter Crane, which is a narrative poem telling the story of a wedding day with beautiful pictures. I've also recently read 'Wedding Tiers' by Trisha Ashley which is not only about weddings but baking (combining two of the best things ever). It's definitely not perfect and is incredibly predictable, but you might appreciate predictable at a time which is bound to become a little harrassed.

  10. Good suggestions here, I shall be adding to my TBR.

    A word of warning - DO NOT read Ian McEwan's On Chesil Beach (which is about a wedding day and night which go tragically wrong) before your wedding - I did and it was traumatic!


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