Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Swimming and cycling for Macmillan and Mind

Apologies again for sporadic posting and an almost complete lack of bookchat. Yesterday we said goodbye to K's Dad with lots of his family. A sad occasion, but good to get together with family.

To say thank you to Macmillan Cancer Support for their support in K's fathers last months, and also when K’s stepfather died last October, and in memory of both, K is going to cycle three stages of the Tour de France in the last week of July and is raising money for them. I've already mentioned that I am planning to attempt to swim 10km in a cold lake to raise money for charity.

If anyone would like to support us or find out more, (and thank you so much to the five blog readers who have already!) then K's fundraising page is here, and mine is here.

(I promise to blog about a couple of exciting things later in the week - namely my cake decorating class and having finally made a breakthrough in gluten free baking!)


  1. Am intrigued to learn more about the gluten free baking breakthrough. Will watch this space with interest. Hope all goes well with the swim, cycle riding, and the mixing of the next tier of the wedding cake.

  2. P.S just tried to sponsor you on your link but it wouldn't take me to vaild web page, please could you provide another link?

  3. Hi Louise - thanks for spotting that! You're very kind. Hopefully they work now, but if not -


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