Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Baking from the cupboards 7

I didn't think there would be a Baking from the cupboards post this week as K is away skiing. Skiing did not actually get arranged until 3 days before departure, and he has ended up going to an apartment belonging to a friend of his brother (with whom he has gone...). Having anticipated him flying and staying in a chalet, I had to work some real baking from the cupboards magic to ensure that the boys had some cake with them for when they get back from the slopes each day. My initial reaction was - what do I need to go out and buy to make cake - and then, I remembered that I had amply stocked cupboards, and what I really needed to do was choose between another edition of the Farmhouse Fruitcake, the pumpkin puree cake or some parkin...

The parkin won:

I think I may have baked it a little too long, and it should really be kept for a week, but as long as they have resisted it past the weekend it should be ok.

I also produced some "Smarties" cookies from the Eat Me! cookbook - I didn't use smarties, but non-additive chocolate beans "Whizzers". These are far more magical than Smarties - my colleague and I use them to help us through our Thursday late night duty (I took one in for my colleague on the day of baking as it was evening duty and she was most appreciative)

Can't wait for K to get back though, and think I will finally get around to making gingerbread cupcakes to welcome him home! (Plus, he's been in his new job for a month now, so I think I can probably get away with doing shortbread hippopotami for the lunchbox :D)


  1. Gingerbread cupcakes sounds delicious! All my cakes come out burnt so your fruit cake looks fine to me. He will be home soonx

  2. Those look very good, Verity. I've not come across whizzers.

  3. The parkin and the cookies look delicious. I make gingerbread and rhubarb muffins when rhubarb is in season, very tasty.


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