Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Library loot

The Oxford Central Library reopened on Monday after being shut for 3 weeks whilst they refurbished the entrance hall and installed self-issue. Despite worrying that I would be unable to cope without my library "fix", I did actually survive quite easily and could have gone another week or two, having a large amount of Virago loot to work my way through as well as a full complement of library books on both of our cards.

The library smells a lot of new carpet, and the entrance is very similar to the other libraries around the county which have already gone with self-issue: popular books arranged attractively near the front (although this meant that one of the books I wanted was there, and I hunted fruitlessly through the main collection for it, only spotting it on the way out...). Self-issue will take a while for people to get their heads around, even with helpful members of staff, and I think there are a couple of kinks in the system which they will need to iron out in due course. So I shall wait and see what happens!

Anyway, I was in there about an hour and a half after it opened again and got myself lots of lovely books, including two reservations that I had been waiting for:

I read Twenty One Locks on Tuesday and found it a quirky little book.

I am really looking forward to reading Periodic Tales; I loved Chemistry A-Level and in another life might have studied Chemistry at university. I have just embarked on an Open University short course in chemistry which I am finding fascinating!

I chose quite a few books too:
The bottom three are all from the Little Black Dress imprint which is a bit like an updated version of Mills and Boon; easy and predictable non strenuous reading.
I have been waiting to read Betrayal (Helen Dunmore) for ages and hope that it will be as good as The siege.
Chocolate wars about the history of Cadbury has been mentioned by a number of people across the blogosphere; I am fascinated by the history of philanthropic companies such as these.
Wedding Readings is to inspire me with my wedding planning at the moment; I intend to make a speech at my wedding lunch and am on the look out for a good quote or piece of prose to include.
Cooking for food allergies (Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne) is a fascinating read as it explains the purpose of various ingredients used in cooking and baking (such as eggs, dairy, gluten) in order to choose appropriate replacements. As someone who avoids gluten and tries not to eat too much dairy it was very interesting!
In for a penny, in for a pound (Tim Waterstone) intrigues me as it is a novel by the man behind the bookstores. I haven't even looked to see what the plot is about but would be good if it draws on his experience.

I apologise for the poor quality of the photos; I ended up working until 7pm on Monday, the day that I got them and it was dark when I got home.


  1. I studied chemistry at university so am interested in fiction containing science. I am normally disappointed by them (as they are often patronising or scientifically incorrect) I hope that you enjoy Periodic Tales - let me know if it is any good. Good luck with your chemistry course.

  2. What a good mix of books. I need a visit to the library soon.

    The Tim Waterstone books looks good and I have just looked at a couple of very good reviews on it. Will be interested to hear what you think.

  3. Chocolate Wars has been on my list forever! Glad you got to get your library fix this week.

  4. Is Oxford still in danger of closing public libraries or has that finally been resolved? I'm glad you have your branch back. Also, is self-issue what we call self-checkout here in the US?

  5. I'm looking forward to your reviews too...

  6. By the way Jackie - have you seen the list of 10 good science books here?

    I loved Henrietta Lacks (though found it more biography than science book) and am going to look out for some of these...

  7. I'm always picking up food allery recipe books. I'm not supposed to have lactose or wheat, but I often find the recipes include herbs & spices to make them tastier but my stomach won't tollerate those either!). Might have to check out Cooking for food allergies, thanks.


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