Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Baking from the cupboards 9

Another week, and I'm still baking from my cupboards. This week I made a wonderful cake that I had been looking forward to trying for a little while - a custard sponge sandwich. (I did have to buy a 30p bar of chocolate for the frosting but that seems quite reasonable since it was immediately used and thus not filling up the cupboards, and I used quite a large amount of the custard powder that I have sitting in the cupboards.
It's a vanilla custard powder flavoured sponge, filled with a custard flavoured buttercream and topped with a mixture of golden syrup and chocolate.
Unfortunately, I was tired when I made it, and longing for the sofa, I filled the cake before it was entirely cool. Sadly, my filling was very soon more on the outside of the cake than on the inside...but it still tastes good. And it gave me a chance to use my edible gold stars.

For K's packed lunches this week, I defrosted the cookie dough that has been in the freezer since easily before Christmas. I have to say that it is now a complete mystery to me what sort of cookies they are. They smell strongly of cinnamon, and there are obviously raisins in it, but it looks as though there could also be some crunchy peanut butter. Anyway, mystery freezer cookies = minimum effort and more space in the freezer! They will also remain a mystery to the readers of this blog as the box of them disappeared to the office before I took a picture. Ho hum.

We also ran out of cereal this week, so I decided to use up some odds and ends of packets of nuts and make a nutty granola - I modified slightly the recipe that I used for Christmas granola.


  1. Can you just pop over and use up all the stuff in my cupboards please. I have loads of unused baking ingredients.

    I love that you have no idea what the cookie dough was. That is hilarious.

  2. Thanks, Verity...I was sipping tea when I got to the part about the mystery cookie dough, too funny!

    Congratulations on another great bake!

  3. I am always amazed about what is coming out of your cupboards. What will next week bring?

  4. ooh the Chocolate custard Cake looks delicious... Thank you for the recie link. Will you make it to a Baking from the cupboards 10?

  5. That is an interesting recipe, if I made it, I'd probably have to omit the chocolate icing, but think it would still be scrummy.

    Now do you have a recipe that uses Nesquik milk shake powder? I have a box of that in the cupboard - banana flavour.

  6. Wow: that looks amazing. I know I comment only sporadically, but I do love reading this 'Baking from the Cupboards' series. It's inspired me to do the same myself!

  7. I am happy to provide suggestions for baking ingredients - I have done for Geraldine, and may incorporate that into the latest features!


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