Monday, 7 March 2011

February Reading

It's a little bit belated, but here is my February reading roundup. I realised that I've not really written much about books on the blog in the last month, with the exception of writing about Next World Novella. I think that was mainly due to the excitement of Persephone Reading Weekend, and also my ongoing book storage saga (and I think I have something lined up which will resolve my problems for quite a while - fingers crossed that it all works out...). Also, I have been storming through my Virago Modern Classics reading and managed to read and blog about 18 titles on my other blog - so do pop by to see those if you haven't already

I love using my Persephone diary to record my reading, and include pictures of this months pages followed by this month's list.

Toddler on the run Mackay, Shena VMC

The Royal Ballet School Streatfield, Noel NF

Dawn and the school spirit war Martin, Ann C

Playing the harlot Avis, Patricia VMC

Healthy gluten free cooking

Copycat Jones, Allen Frewin C RR
Custom of the country Wharton, Edith VMC

Kristy + Bart Martin, Ann C

Rebel at the C.S. EBD C RR
Very dead of night Hocking, Mary

Movie Girl Lace, Kate LBD

A winter's tale Ashley, Trisha

Illyrian Spring Bridge, Ann

Salzburg: Eyewitness guide

Girls in tears Wilson, Jacqueline C RR
Miss Ranskell comes home Todd, Barbara Euphran P RR
The good divorce guide Odone, Christina

John Brown's body Barker, A.L. VMC

What a week to make a stand Rushton, Rosie C RR
Giles and Sue live the good life

Marriage Ferrier, Susan VMC

A kind man Hill, Susan

The ponder heart Welty, Eudora VMC

Scandalous risks Howatch, Susan

The bridesmaid's pact Williams, Julia

New girls Gutcheon, Beth

What a week to play it cool Rushton, Rosie C RR
Next world novella Politycki, Mattias

The heartbreaker Howatch, Susan

What a week to make a move Rushton, Rosie C RR
Marriage of Hermione Crompton, Richmal

Stepmother's support group Baker, Sam

Consequences Delafield, E.M. P RR
The growing summer Streatfeild, Noel C RR
For better, for worse Fearnley-Whittinghstall, Jane NF

Death comes for the archbishop Cather, Willa VMC

More than marriage Pritchett, Nia

Peking picnic Bridge, Ann VMC

The bright prison Mortimer, Penelope

Hackenfeller's Ape Brophy, Brigid VMC

Rose in Bloom Alcott, Louisa VMC

Sugar mother Jolley, Elizabeth VMC

Moonlighting Lace, Kate LBD

Living with books Powers, Alan NF

Trust me, I'm a vet Woodman, Cathy

Against the tide Davis, Sharron AB RR
Leadon Hill Crompton, Richmal

Buy, sell and move house Which guides NF

Skate school: stars on ice Woodward, Kay C

Domestic pleasures Gutcheon, Beth

Judith Streatfield, Noel RR

A wreath for the enemy Frankau, Pamela VMC

The Aunt's book

One way of love Woolsey, Gamel VMC

Falling out of fashion Yampolsky LBD

Dead man's cove St John, Lauren C

Ellen Foster Gibbs, Kaye VMC

Separate beds Buchan, Elizabeth

Bread and butter stories Norton, Mary VMC

Tell it to a stranger Berridge, Elizabeth P SS RR
Young person's guide to the ballet Streatfield, Noel C NF
Mrs Frensham describes a circle Crompton, Richmal

Smart vs Pretty Frankel, Valerie LBD

Fidelity Glaspell, Susan P RR
A favourite of the gods Bedford, Sybille VMC

Apple bough Streatfield, Noel C RR


  1. :o This is me gobsmacked. How do manage to read so many books? I need tips on how to do this. Really!!!

  2. I agree with Vivienne. How do you read so many.

    Whatever you do I am impressed by the cross section of books as well. I love the diary to record them in to!

  3. If I counted right you read 66 books in February which has 28 days which would mean an average of 2,4 books per day !!! I'm speechless!

  4. I am in awe! I am lucky to manage 6 or 8 books a month!


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