Thursday, 24 March 2011

Bernard the bear returns

Bernard the bear seem to gain a lot of fans last week when he featured in his swimming gear. Owing to the absence of domestic arts again this week (for various reasons, some of which will become clear in the next few weeks and months), we asked him last night if he'd like to share a couple of things that he's been up to over the last seven days.

He wanted to make clear, that although he might have a furry brain, he is quite intelligent, so he chose this picture of him helping K with his open university course. There won't be many bears with a maths degree in 7 years time....

He said that the other highlight of his week was our trip to Exeter at the weekend, particularly when he was allowed to drive the car.


  1. I am a great fan of bears, many of them live on my shelves. Bernard is a cool dude.

  2. I adore this post! I used to have a bear in the classroom which I would send home with a different child every week. On Monday they would bring him back with his weekend diary and show the kids what he did over the weekend.

  3. Hope to see more of Bernard!

  4. Bernard was glad to have so many fans and hopes to put in another appearance soon!

  5. I'm late to the Bernard-themed party but he is exceptionally cute and clearly very talented!


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