Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Baking from the cupboards 10

Yes, there is a tenth baking from the cupboards, and we're still going strong. This week I finally used up the tin of pumpkin puree, that I couldn't even remember buying, let alone what I had in mind. Somehow I didn't fancy making a pumpkin pie, but I dug around on the internet and found this recipe. It smells AMAZING, partly due to the fact that I was a bit heavy handed with the nutmeg. I used cranberries in it, and walnuts, and just a straightforward butter icing rather than the cream cheese icing suggested. The butter icing isn't the day glo colour in the picture I hasten to add, I think that was just a result of the amazing early morning sunshine when I took the snap.
This week's biscuits were Easter biscuits from a cookie baking book that a friend gave me quite a few years ago now, when I was doing my masters and eating A LOT of biscuits along the way. It's not Easter yet, but it is Lent. There was a slight deviation from the recipe as I didn't have any mixed peel, so I just left that out, and it enabled me to finish off a small number of currents which were languishing in the cupboard.
And finally, I met up with a blogger friend who celebrates a significant birthday this week at the weekend (more about that soon), and baked her some birthday shortbread. I took this picture in case they got broken en route. (and yes, I did sprinkle some edible glitter on them!). Happy Birthday Claire!

Various of you have commented saying that you wish I would use up the things from your comments, and I've had a couple of requests for suggestions of things to make in the last week:

Zehra at a Life in writing asked me what to do with a load of kiwi fruits that needed using up; my first rather boring suggestion was fruit salad, but I thought a bit harder and came up with this recipe for a ginger cheesecake with kiwi fruit - I so want to give this one a go myself.

Geraldine in the comments on my last post wondered if there was anything that she could do with some banana flavoured Nesquik sitting in her cupboard. I thought a chocolate cake with banana custard flavoured icing would be nice, extending the principle of my custard cake, but I know her husband doesn't like chocolate. So I suggested a banana cake with banana Nesquik icing, or these biscuits which were on the Nesquik website.


  1. That butter icing looks pretty irresistible, no matter the color. Lucky Claire, the shortbread looks wonderful as well! Thanks for sharing with us. Why am I suddenly hungry? :)

  2. mmm looks lovely.

    I hope Claire enjoys the shortbread!

  3. I can testify that the shortbread tasted every bit as lovely as it looks! A very thoughtful gift and I now love edible glitter.

    *promptly steals photo*

  4. Verity, I will get round to making the Nesquick Banana Biscuits at some point in time. Thanks so much for doing the research for me.

    Birthday greetings to all who celebrate those in the near future.

  5. Susan - thank you for the kind words!

    Jo - I think she did - in fact she's said she did :)

    Claire - am glad you liked it, didn't realise you hadn't encountered edible glitter before.

    Geraldine - maybe you can take a photo to share if you have a go?!

  6. I'll try to remember to take a photo, treated myself to some animal shaped cookie cutters today. The pack has rabbit, cat, dog, and an elephant, found them in our local hardware shop.

    I had planned to do some baking today but real life intervened, maybe I'll get some free time next week.

  7. Verity you could start a whole new career advising desperate cooks how to use up their pantry odds & ends! I think it's just lovely. I do think you've been very clever with your cupboard baking. I've enjoyed all your posts about it.


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