Monday, 15 March 2010

Refreshment Sunday

Mothering Sunday is traditionally "refreshment Sunday"; a halfway house during lent. I frequently covet books, but this becomes more severe during times of book-buying ban, so I thought I'd make yesterday list with pictures for my refreshment Sunday - not that I'll need reminding when Easter arrives.Elizabeth Taylor's short story volumes are something I'm hankering after. I raced through Elizabeth Taylor's novels last year and feel sad that there aren't any more to discover. However, since my foray into the world of the short story, I'm keen to read her short stories collected in three volumes; Devastating boys; Hester Lilly and A dedicated man. Unfortunately they're all rare and expensive.
I'm particularly keen to own more of the Virago 30th anniversary hardbacks; I have three and the book collector in me wants to own all eight, even though I have other editions of a couple of titles. Top of the list are 84 Charing Cross Road (which I don't actually own), and the beautifully covered Their eyes were watching God.

I enjoyed Celia Dale's Virago Modern Classic, Sheep's Clothing, and more of her books have been published as Faber Finds.

There are more Faber Finds that I would like. Having loved the Persephone collection of Elizabeth Berridge's short stories, I would love to read some of her novels:

I'm also keen for two more Grey Ladies titles, so that I have the complete collection and 15 more Persephone titles for the same reason (they're listed on the left of my blog).

A birthday wish-list perhaps that I should point my fiance and parents towards?!


  1. I didn't realise those little white books were faber finds. I think I have a few of those in my sale stock - I'll have to dig them out and have a look!

  2. I have that Virago version of 84 Charing Cross Road, and it's a lovely book.

    I love the Greyladies titles. I keep eying the Josephine Elder novel that I don't have and reminding myself sternly of the difference between 'need' and 'want'. Still...want! :)

  3. Jackie - they are an interesting looking series republishing lots of books I'd liketo read.

    Kate - I am such a big Greyladies fan. I really hope my Mum will get me a couple more for my birthday

  4. Do point your family towards your wishlist, but be vigilant (and patient) too. I've come across all of the Elizabeth Taylor short story collections in chariy shops and a very pretty edition of Touch & Go by Elizabeth Berridge.

    Sadly Faber Finds & Greyladies never turn up that way, but I live in hope!

  5. I have Sing Me Who You Are, can bring it back after Easter if you're interested...

  6. Not only are books such an absolute treasure to read, there is something so pleasing to the eye in their shape and feel. We were offered only three of the Virago anniversary books here...I wonder why that was?

    If I were you, I would definitely send certain parties a link to this post!

  7. Jane - I am very impatient! I guess Greyladies and Faber finds are still very new.

    Simon - I would love to borrow Sing Me Who You Are...

    Darlene - yes, the books on this list are all books that I covet for their aesthetics as well as the content :)

  8. I'm also keeping an eye out for Elizabeth Taylor's short stories. But they'll turn up in a charity shop sooner or later. I found A Dedicated Man not long ago, £1.99, and it's the lovely old Virago cover. It took ages to find Palladian, too -which reminds me that i still haven't read it.


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