Friday, 26 March 2010

Cornish cornucopia #8

I think I'm at the end of my Cornish cornucopias for a while now - they have sustained me through the winter and it is less than a week until I will be heading for the county myself!
I'm packing some Cornish reading (and some other books too - I'll be posting about my holiday reading when things are finally finalised!)....

I fully intend to carry on with my Cornish reading over the next few weeks and months; I am sure that Fleurfisher will continue to tempt and inspire me with her posts on the subject.

So to conclude, here are 6 Cornish things that I love:
1. Cornishware pottery - I don't own any of this, but would love to have some of this distinctive tableware.

2. Saffron loaf - see here for a recipe!
3. Beautiful scenery:
4. Tide-timetable books:
5. Bodyboarding!
(not sure it will be warm enough for this this time, but I'll certainly be taking my pink bodyboard down to make the car look sporty!)

6. Building sandcastles:

(I don't really need to make an extra number 6 for Cornish books, we can take that as read :) )


  1. Thanks for sharing your Cornish reading with us Verity, I've truly enjoyed it. Currently have the Mary Wesley biography out from the library. Cornwall is preposterously beautiful and evocative isn't it with its rugged rocks and mist and lush gardens. I love your 6 favourite things.

    (Llanhydrock House is a good place to visit for its amazing Victorian children's nursery and also vast Victorian kitchens.)

  2. I'm easing off the Cornish books for a while too. Apart from the two I've just added to my library pile. Orange books and other things are calling. But Read Cornwall is a project for life for me!

  3. Even a heart-shaped sand mold...too cute! Your Cornish selections all look wonderful and you look quite sporty in your wetsuit. Do you think the water will be warm enough for you to have a dip? Warm may not be the right word, how about tolerable.

  4. Merenia - another one of my favourite places in Cornwall - but I've only ever been there when it's wet. If it rains this holiday I'm looking forward to introducing it to my fiance.

    JAne - I think iti s a long term project for me - I've packed four Cornish books for my holiday next week :) I just wish I had the access to the books that you do.

    Darlene - I shall take my wellies so I can at least paddle! And of course a heart shaped bucket :)


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