Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Holiday reading

As you all probably know from my trail of Cornish Cornucopia posts, I have been anticipating my holiday to Cornwall for quite some time. An important part of any holiday is definitely the reading matter; this is especially important when going on a self-catering break somewhere in England where the weather may not be hugely favourable. I have to confess to having started getting out my books for this holiday in January (it was partly an exercise to assist in tidying up my TBR bookcase), but with two days to go, the collection has been finalised. As we're going in the car I don't have to stint on the books that I'm taking (and I can always hope to find a few books in the chalet) - I don't intend to read all of the books I've got out but it's nice to have a choice - I've also tried to choose books that I don't intend to blog about because it's frustrating to be away without a computer and also it would create "homework" for me to catch up on when I get back! But do let me know if you are especially interested in hearing about any of them!

Of course I have some Cornish reading, and am looking forward to Angela Du Maurier's Trevelyan - I've read her memoir but not any of her novels. I have Wilkie Collins' Rambles beyond railways which I took last year but never got around to reading. And I have a trilogy of Janie Bolitho Rose Trevelyan detective stories, a series that I have really got into this year. I've also got the only DDM that I have yet to read.

I have two Greyladies titles - Death on tiptoe (RC Ashby) and Clothes-pegs (Susan Scarlett). I do enjoy these titles (and am hoping to perhaps get a couple more for my birthday). I've got another Noel Streatfield book too, her first, The whicharts.

I've got a couple of recent books - Nick Hornby's Juliet Naked and Angela Huth's Once a land-girl; I very much enjoyed Huth's Land girls which came out a very long time ago, so am excited that she has written a sequel.

Jane Gardam's book, Faith fox, is somewhat older, but I have read a lot of Gardam over the last year and this is one of the few that I haven't read. Hunting and gathering is a book I've had for a while but not yet got around to reading. The enchanted April seems an appropriate choice for a holiday in April, and The captain's wife is a Honno Classic that I've had lurking for a while now.

I have some republished children's fiction, The vicarage children a Lorna Hill Vicarage series book, and Steer by the stars, a horsey book by Olivia Fitzroy. We're also taking the new Winnie the Pooh sequel, as I thought this might be fun for us to read aloud in the evenings. And Louisa by Pamela Brown which hasn't been republished.

I've also got my usual travel guides and Cornish place names book!

There's still potential for me to add to the collection - I'm still trying to resist the Waterstones 3 for 2 as there are three books I would like to add to the collection - How to paint a dead man, The story of Lucy Gault, American wife which I've wanted for ages and The making of Mr Pettigrew. Ok, that's four books...I've dropped a couple of birthday hints, in fact many birthday hints about books that I would like, so I'm hoping that there may be a little pile of bookshaped packages waiting for me on Saturday morning.

Only three days til we're off, but at least I have the books covered!

Do any of these particularly tickle your fancy?


  1. Oh The Enchanted April is delightful - it will bring in the sunshine even if it's raining outside. I've just bought Kazuo Ishiguro Nocturnes as part of my holiday reading. I always think short stories are perfect for holidays. Happy holidays

  2. Gosh - what a list. I hope that you enjoy Enchanted April - and have a wonderful holiday!
    Have you packed anything else?!


  3. The Enchanted April will make perfect reading and I am delighted that you are going to read it, after wanting to for some time but being restrained. I'm presuming that you will be reviewing that over on VVV?

    Goodness, look how big a book Hungry Hill is! I had no idea it was so long.

    Your Waterstone's choices sound great so I hope the birthday fairy brings them; I'm especially interested in The Story of Lucy Gault.

  4. The Story of Lucy Gault is wonderful and I'm very intrigued by the Wilkie Collins! The Enchanted April will be a perfect read for your trip and one that I should probably read again since its been awhile.

    Have a super time away, Verity!!! Bon voyage! And just in case you are no where near a computer on your birthday 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY'!!!

  5. I really enjoyed American Wife when I first read it - it was one of those books that I couldn't put down, I was so caught up with the characters. It offers a fascinating perspective on the Bushes that has made me far more sympathetic to both (which, trust me, was not my attitude coming in). And what is this about Once a Land Girl? I hadn't even heard about it until now!

  6. Have a lovely time. I hope the weather improves for you though!

    That's a wonderful pile of books, The Vicarage Children is new to me and sounds delightful.

  7. What a list of wonderful books for a holiday! I haven't read any of the above except the Enchanted April which I'm sure you'll adore. Looking forward to reviews of all of the above.

  8. Deciding on which books to take is my favourite part of preparing for a holiday! You've got a brilliant selection there!

  9. Ra - yes, I hope that even if it rains in Cornwall I can get sun in my reading :)

    Hannah - umm...at the point of writing the post I hadn't, but I have now flung a few things into the direction of the suitcase which my fiance has promised to pack!

    Claire - I can't wait to read Enchanted April, and yes, that is one that I will be reviewing.

    Darlene - I'm glad to hear your recommendation for Lucy; I may well crack on the 3 for 2. And thanks for the birthday wishes.

    Claire - Once a land girl is the sequel to Huth's Land girls - I was excited to spot a proof copy in a second hand shop in January. I didn't think she'd ever write a sequel so hope it will be good!

    Cath - I'm crossing my fingers for the weather.

    Astrid - I doubt I'll review all if any of the above - I do want a holiday ;)

    Dot - absolutely - I started my pile of holiday books back in January!

  10. Just leave a little space in the car for other supplies - it's cold, wet and windy down here at the moment. The Captain's Wife is a lovely gentle read, and I shall very curious to know how you get on with Mr Collins and the other Du Maurier sister.

  11. Thanks Jane - it's chilly here too. I hope it warms up a little bit as I would love some sunshine on my face!


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