Thursday, 4 March 2010

Fairtrade fortnight cake

I wrote earlier in the year about my desire to make the most of Fairtrade Fortnight and try to use more fairtrade ingredients. I haven't done much baking this year for various reasons, but I did make this fairtrade cake to celebrate. It smells absolutely wonderful and I wish I could indulge, but at least I will get pleasure from seeing my fiance work his way through it...


  1. Verity the torture of not being able to eat such a delicious looking cake is unimaginable for me! You poor thing!!

  2. This looks delicious! I'm sorry you can't indulge... must be torture :-(

  3. That looks so delicious, Verity! Is the recipe for Fortnight Cake or is that the name you gave it? I'd love to try making something close as it's just the sort of thing I like with a cup of tea.

  4. Rachel - not as torturous as watching you eat that chocolate cake at the V and A!

    JoAnn - it is apparently delicious!

    Darlene - it's "Fairtrade fortnight" here at the moment wehn fairtrade goodies are promoted - it's just a regular fruit cake recipe


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