Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Swine flu preparations

There's been an awful lot of talk about preparing for swine flu - making sure that you have someone on hand to collect your groceries etc, but what about preparing to make sure you have suitable reading? After all, in a worst case scenario, the libraries and bookshops might be shut (ok, I admit this is a little unlikely), but would you trust anyone to choose your reading?! My boyfriend was very poorly yesterday with a high temperature that seemed to be the culmination of the cold that he's had for the last week or so, and as my throat started to feel sore I wondered about planning some swine-flu reading (SFR). There is always the chance that one wouldn't feel well enough to read (my boyfriend couldn't even sit up on the sofa to watch daytime tv) but I think I shall make sure I have some suitable reading.

I think the main criteria for SFR would be that the books should be easy and comforting. I wouldn't want to read anything that I would want to blog about, in order to avoid feeling pressurised, which rules out all of the VMCs that I have awaiting me, and quite a lot of my TBRBC. I think I might take the opportunity to re-read some books - Saplings by Noel Streatfeild for instance. I think I'd also like to re-visit some children's books - the Chalet School series would be good as they are easy reads, and the characters always seem to be suffering from some life-threatening illness. I've also picked up a couple of the Jill books by Ruby Ferguson recently and would like to re-read those. Another old favourite of mine are the Miss Read books; coincidentally I picked up The year at Thrush Green from the library yesterday, so should I get a temperature and have to confine myself to my flat then I think that will be first on the list.

Have any of you had SF yet? If so, what did you read? And are any of you planning SFR - just in case.

PS: Boyfriend seems to have recovered overnight from whatever it was, SF or something else. Must have been to get away from me insisting on him drinking liquids every half an hour when I got back from work and hassling him about his symptoms...


  1. I've had it already, but wish several hundred books here in my TBR I don't think I'd be short of reading if all the book shops/libraries shut for 5 years!

    I'm pleased your boyfriend recovered quickly and hope you don't get too ill if you do get it soon.

  2. Very sensible preparatory post!

    If I come down with swine flu (and there's a high possibility as I have to venture into central London tomorrow) then I would take the opportunity to re-read favourites, Rebecca & I Capture the Castle & have some Children's Lit to hand too.

  3. Thanks Jackie - I'm feeling really ropey, and looking forward to getting home and lying on the sofa. And trying out my new thermometer...

    Claire - I capture the castle, or indeed the film (which I have to confess to quite liking) would be perfect!

  4. Wouldn't it? I'm willing a case of swine flu for that alone...

    Seriously though, I've been battling with a sore throat myself and dreading a bout. The media are already discussing its RETURN next season. Ugh.

  5. Can one get it twice? I'm worried about saying that I have it, but don't really, and then getting struck down with the real thing...

  6. Like the boy who cried wolf?

    I think that one can but I don't have the first idea when it comes to strains and immunities and things. I am surprised that I haven't fallen foul of it yet because I always catch the flu but have had few of the childhood diseases. Ah well, only time will tell and my hypochondria will be active for a few more months.

  7. Yeah. Bleurgh...definitely need some anti-SF reading tonight. Nothing too strenuous...

  8. I have had it, its horrdid but no worse than normal flu. The tamiflu has some evil side effects but makes you better. I survived it though was out of action for 5 days!

  9. A couple of weeks ago I missed a day of work due to what I was calling 'Swine Flu Lite'. I had all of the symptoms but recovered after one and a half days, hence the 'Lite'. I had such dizziness and sore neck that I couldn't read! It was not nice at all. There is an infectious disease committee at my library, they do love their committees. Anyway, we have hand-sanitizer stations all through-out the library that we encourage customers to use. We're wondering if they're going to ask us to be vaccinated next - ugh!

  10. After giving this some serious consideration throughout the day I have decided that re-reading some swine-themed lit would be in order: Charlotte's Web and Animal Farm. If I could manage to borrow a book from the library somehow then it would be The Peppermint Pig by Nina Bawden.

  11. Well, I did suggest The tale of Pigling bland over on twitter...

    Actually there is a lovely Barbara Kingsolver called Pigs in heaven. I love her books.

    I had a lovely (well, as lovely as possiblle feeling ill) evening reading another Deidre Madden, and then Jill Dawson's Freddy and Edie (really good!), and then a Joan Lingard teenage book. And then I watched some Dad's Army. By then it was about midnight and my boyfriend finally got home whereupon we had a disagreement over what constituted a high temperature according to our new thermometer. So as it is questionable as to whether I have one, I'm in work today :(


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