Sunday, 26 July 2009

Back from the seaside...

Just got back - Oxford is a grey contrast to the beautiful sunshine of Eastbourne. The washing machine is whirring but there is cake in the oven, and I had a wonderful surprise fro m JoAnn giving me a Heartfelt blog award. Thanks JoAnn. And a mention from Simon at Stuck in a book of my VVV VMC Virago challenge. I'll be reviewing Stevie Smith's The holiday on that blog this week - I couldn't even wait for my holiday to start it.

We stayed in a wonderful 5* hotel - I've never stayed anywhere so nice. It was ALL amazing - the fluffy towels, the huge room (even though it was their cheapest!), the comfy bed, the outdoor pool, the indoor pool and spa area... We treated ourselves to afternoon tea (above), silver service afternoon tea no less. My only complaint was that they were a little stingy with the jam (in the centre - contrast with the huge pile of cream which we managed to get through!)... But it was very nice.

Today we went up and down the prom and caught the sun, went into the Camera Obscura . I'd not been into one before and it was fascinating - conditions weren't great but we saw all around Eastbourne. I beat my boyfriend at crazy golf - as usual - and he got grumpy about that - as usual. We also saw a lot of the Sussex Downs which I've never seen before and only know from paintings. Anyway, it was a lovely break, we had a lovely time together (apart from the walk through the thistle field...) and I was happy to be celebrating nearly 2 lovely years together.

Relaxing and having fun wasn't so conducive for reading...I did start a Greyladies title which I'm off to finish once I've hung out the washing and will write about this week. Back to the books this week I hope - the TBRBC is almost overflowing :s


  1. I know all about the overflowing TBRBC (I forget what the BC stands for - back catalogue?)

    Lovely room service cream tea and the hotel sounds amazing. I have only stayed in a couple of 5* hotels before but they have been lovely; one of them will feature in a Book-centric memories post at some point.

  2. Oh, scrummy looking breakfast! Burlington is as grey as Oxford this weekend I'm afraid, very nice that you escaped for awhile. Will there be a cake post to look forward to?

  3. It sounds like a perfect weekend. Glad you had a couple of surprises waiting at home ;-) What kind of cake?

  4. Claire - I have never stayed in a 5* hotel before. I want to again. BC is you know I have a special bookcase of stuff I haven't read.

    Darlene and JoAnn - there will be a cake post and a picture of the lovely raspberry and almond cake made to Raymond Blanc's recipe very soon.

  5. Ah yes, whilst the rest of us settle for a pile or a shelf ;). Although actually I dread to think how many shelves all of my unread books would constitute if I put them together! If I wasn't already suffering from reading performance anxiety I would experiment with it ;).


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