Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Persephone week challenge 24/08/09-->

The other week when I was off work, I had a lovely time reading a different Persephone book each day of the week. I read 5 books, chosen completely at random, from my TBR bookcase. It was such a good experience, because unlike reading a string of books by the same author, the books were all so completely different. I decided to do this again when I next have time off work - 24th August - and Paperback Reader Claire has decided to join me. I thought this might be a nice challenge, and wondered if other people might like to join in too.

There are several ways you can participate... can read a Persephone book a day... can just read as many Persephone books as you are able in the week (2 or 3 or 4)
...or you can just read one book during the week. can plan in advance which books you want to read...
...or if you have a number of Persephone books on your TBR pile, then you can just select at random.

If you've never read a Persephone book before, then now is your chance to start. has the full list of titles, and you can order from them direct.

I'm planning to read a book a day, chosen fairly at random from my remaining Persephones, but the week will conclude with A fortnight in September, as we'll be off on our holidays, which for me will last until the end of the first fortnight in September! The hardest bit will be trying not to read any Persephone titles in the meantime as I want to have plenty of choice. I might have to order a few more titles perhaps or make a trip to Lambs Conduit Street...

Nearer the time, I'll try to think of some way in which we can share what we are reading to accommodate the different ways of joining in. Claire and I are also planning to hold a couple of competitions to win a Persephone book, and Nicola at Persephone has very kindly offered to donate a couple of slightly damaged copies for us to use. Look out for a mention of us in their fortnightly newsletter.


  1. Yay! I've linked to your post too. I'm glad you used the banner; I meant to email it to you but forgot yesterday.

  2. I haven't read a Peresphone book before, but I will join you in trying to read as many as I can for your week.

  3. verity, Thanks for being the inspiration for such a wonderful challenge! I'm so looking forward to reading everyone's reviews of their books and why they chose them. A Fortnight in September, a more perfect title for you I can't imagine. Can't wait:)

  4. I found your blog through Claire. I've decided to join and have just ordered my very first Persephone. Can't wait! Thanks for hosting!

  5. Jackie - am v pleased that you'll be reading your first Persephone title with us.

    Darlene - me too!

    Hi Claire, thanks for joining in! Which title did you order? I really hope you enjoy it.

  6. I'm in. I have marked the week in my diary.

  7. Am so glad you will be joining us too Samantha!

  8. Hi! I'm in too. This will be my first!! :o)
    I've chosen Family Roundabout by Richmal Crompton as I've read a few very positive reviews in the "blogosphere"./Pia

  9. Hi Pia, thanks for joining us. Family Roundabout was my first Persephone title, and I was wondering about re-reading it...

  10. Family Roundabout is such a great Persephone :).


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