Sunday, 12 July 2009

Netherlands/Bruges inspired reading...

We're off to a wedding in the Netherlands next weekend, and we're breaking the journey in Bruges, as I've never been. (I'm also hoping that we can stop at Dunkirk as I'd love to see the beaches from the WW2 evacuations, as WW2 was a particular interest of mine when I did my first degree). I've written before about how I love to read books about places where I am and have been, and I was wondering if there was anything that anyone could recommend that I could read while I am away? To be honest, I'm probably not going to get much time for reading, but I might do when I get back.

The wedding itself should be quite interesting. It's some German friends of my boyfriend, and in Germany, apparently you have TWO weddings, a civil one and a religious one. My boyfriend went to the civil one last year in Heidelburg in Germany, and this is the religious one. Apparently it's more usual to have the two ceremonies a bit closer together. I'm not sure what language the service will be in, and I'm still wondering whether my outfit will fit the intriguing German dress code of "smoking", which apparently is lounge suits for men and goodness knows what for women. The wedding is in Zoutelande, which is a big holiday area. We left booking somewhere a bit late, and so we're staying at a "camping platz", in a little chalet which might be interesting. At least it's not the youth hostel which was the only other option...


  1. I love reading books set in places I am visiting.

    I can't think of anything off the top of my head set in Bruges but I read The Snow Goose by Paul Gallico a few months ago, partially set in Dunkirk, and I loved it. It is exceptionally short, less than fifty pages.

    The wedding sounds interesting. I imagine "smoking" to mean glamorous 1920s attire.

  2. Lol - not sure I have glamourous 1920s attire!

    I had thought of the Snow Goose - I've never been able to reread it since I spent a whole evening sobbing aged about 8. Maybe now is the time...

  3. Verity, apologies: I forgot that The Snow Goose had traumatised you!

  4. I too am very intrigued by the 'smoking' dress code, can't wait to hear about that!

  5. 'Le Smoking', as pioneered by Yves St Laurent, is a lean, androgynous look typified by his tuxedo evening suit for women. I would suggest that they are aiming at elegance without being too dressy?

  6. I asked around, and apparently, it derives from a dress code worn in days gone by - you used to have a special smoking suit to wear out so that your regular clothes didn't get too smoky!

    It also looks from this like it is a bit posher than I might be aiming for...

  7. I've decided to think laterally...I'm going to look for a book about a wedding instead.


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