Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Verity's Veg Box part 4

I am always excited to get home from work on a Tuesday and see what the veg box man has brought me!  Well, I usually have a good idea from the website but it's so exciting to see it in the flesh so to speak (can you say flesh about vegetables?).  Having made a super beetroot and sweet potato curry last week, I am all set for the arrival of this little beast.  Do you recognise it? 
 It's a Kohlrabi!  Research tells me that it is a root vegetable, a bit like turnip.  Feeling a little unadventurous this week, and wanting to make use of a swede I picked up "reduced for quick sale" to 19p the other day, I've got a casserole in the oven, which also utilises a potato and an onion which have been languishing in the larder, as well as some of the carrots, and some chestnuts.

What else did we get?

Carrots, I've mentioned, the remainder of which will be made into a carrot cake when I host the Free Cakes for Kids volunteers meeting on Saturday
Broccoli, flat beans (discovered that I LOVE these after last week - have never seen them in a supermarket although I'm reliably assured that you can get them in Waitrose), courgette; these will all be made into risotto or rice and pesto with vegetables which is one of my fall back meals for myself.  Easy and gluten free.
Two large beef tomatoes, one of which has found its way into tonights risotto, and the other of which is adorning Mr W's cheese sandwiches for tomorrow and Thursday.
A red pepper which will be made into a veg chilli possibly with some courgette/carrot (memo - must buy more kidney beans)
A butternut squash which this time I shall make into a prawn, butternut squash, tomato and chilli risotto.  This is based on a pasta dish I had at Zizzi's in pre-gluten-free days (although I think they now do GF pasta) which I love.


  1. I love kohlrabi! Growing up, my brother and I never met a vegetable we didn't love but this was definitely one of our favourites and has remained so. That said, I don't think I've ever had it cooked! Enjoy!

  2. That looks like a celeriac to me, but I don't think it is... I've never had a kohlrabi! (or seen one!) Hope it tastes good :-)


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