Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Cooking with Oranges

So last night saw the great Steamed Pudding experiment using this recipe to use up some of our remaining oranges from the previous week's veg box (Mr W finds them a bit difficult to eat at work). My Mum used to regularly make steamed puddings, but it's not something I've ever attempted. I was concerned that I didn't have a big enough saucepan (so just made a mini one in the end!), and that the pudding basin would just melt (I stood it on a saucer and kept checking that it didn't boil dry). But it seems to have come out ok!

One orange left, and a chance for me to make the Orange and Mincemeat Flapjacks from the Go Faster Food book that I mentioned last week. First swimming race of the season on Saturday, and as it's a 1.5km swim which is considerably shorter distance than I usually swim (3.8k or 10k), so requires faster swimming overall. Good speed session in the pool yesterday, and a longer gentle swim today, so now it's time for rest and some carbohydrates. Fingers crossed that these do the trick.


  1. Can't remember ever making a steamed pudding from scratch myself, though I have done Christmas puddings, but cooked those in the microwave. That orange pudding looks scrummy.

  2. I may do a step by step photo guide to making a steamed pudding :)

  3. They certainly look delicious, but you know my views on steamed puddings! Enjoy & good luck with the swim.


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