Sunday, 4 December 2011

Advent tea party

Having had a dress rehearsal yesterday for today's Advent tea (I'll spare embarassment here but check out Yvann's post...) (great fun, much tea consumed and lovely to spend a couple of hours with Ms Reading with Tea), we are all set for the real thing today! Here is the table laid out above...and here is what I've made:

Chocolate and raisin snowman cake (first outing of the sauverin tin I've had for three years now!)

Christmas pudding cupcakes as made earlier this year here.
Gingerbread house biscuits (we live at number 65)
Cranberry and orange mini buns (gluten free)
A nativity in gingerbread
Traditional shortbread biscuits

The mulled wine is we just need the rest of the guests to arrive. PS: Those of you waiting to see Mr W's gingerbread house will have to wait for tomorrow's post!


  1. It all looks great. I want to bake now.

  2. Oh wow, that's a beautiful spread. You must have been busy! Hope you have a wonderful time.

  3. Everything looks so beautiful! Wish I could pop in for tea, too.

  4. Verity - it all looks so delicious. Love that your gingerbread houses have your door number on them. I bought my niece & nephew a nativity biscuit cutter set for advent this year. I quite wanted to keep it for myself!

  5. It all looks scrumptious! I am waiting until my holiday until I do some baking.

  6. Your advent tea looked yummy!

  7. *Loving* the gingerbread Nativity :)


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