Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Library loot

A trip to the local branch library on my way back from work tonight and I was really impressed with the "loot" that I found....not least the print on demand Stella Gibbons, White sand and grey sand, that leapt out at me from the shelves. I had mentioned on this blog only a few weeks ago how much I would like to read some more Gibbons books, and I am very impressed that the library has bought a POD book.

The Nora Roberts book, Savour the moment, is actually the third in a trilogy but it seems to be nice, light, wedding themed reading about a cake maker/decorator - sounded right up my street!

India Knight's The thrift book, is obviously the credit crunch answer to her previous book which was all about shopping. I try to be thrifty but I'll be interested to see if she has any tips I can take on board in the New Year. I felt suitably chastened after watching a programme about having an economical Christmas the other night and am quite determined to waste no food at all over Christmas and from the New Year (we are generally very good, it is just that sometimes jars are forgotten in the fridge and go mouldy).

Today's special is a "little black dress" book which seems to be a bit like a modern day Mills and Boon. Chick lit at the very light end of the specturm. However, after wrestling with the housework I might not be up to anything else. I read loads of these last winter so it was nice to spot one I hadn't had out before.

Rabbit stew and a memory or two is a memoir of a gypsy woman's life on the road. Its publisher, Abacus, has published many interesting memoirs recently, so I picked this up immediately.


  1. These all sound good. What is 'Print On Demand'? I have never heard that term used before.

  2. I have been inspired by your blog to start going to the local library, although it is only a small one. I will look up the thrift book too.

    I watched a very thrifty programme the other day which included someone saving a fortune by collecting coupons from all over the place. Also a young couple from Belfast did their wedding themselves, had a church hall, married in a castle midweek to save money and all in all it cost £1,400. Jolly good luck to them, not bothering that people they worked with said 'they were tight'.

    Have a very good Christmas.

  3. I had wondered if print on demand titles would get into libraries, and I am so pleased they have got into yours. Please cross your fingers for Cornwall following suit!

  4. How amazing to find a print on demand Gibbons out of the blue. That is luck! Can't wait to hear what you think of it.

  5. Enjoy the Gibbons, and do let me know what you think! I ordered one of the print on demand ones back in August, but ended up cancelling a few weeks ago when it showed no signs at all of ever shipping :\

  6. What a lovely lot of books! I have only read one Nora Roberts book but I did really enjoy it!


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