Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Post Christmas catch-up

It's been a busy few days here, and I never got around to wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas. I hope that you all had a lovely time. The bank holidays are now over (well, for a few days), and Mr W is back to work (albeit working from the dining room, although the 10 second commute seemed quite long this morning when we woke up with just a few minutes to spare). I have had a long morning in bed reading and catching up with blogs before a lunchtime swim - I feel in need of a bit of a boot camp after the excesses of the last few days. Here's what I've been up to...

On the first day of Christmas
Mr W and I woke up surprisingly early - must have been the excitement about opening stockings and presents. I fitted in a Christmas Day 5 mile run before brunch and heading over to visit Mr W's family in Wokingham. To Mr W's delight we arrived in time for the Christmas pudding. The Christmas cake I made was very much appreciated by everyone and we took a large chunk home with us for a Christmas night supper.

[Reading - Greenbanks by Dorothy Whipple - my Persephone secret santa gift - which starts on Christmas day]

On the second day of Christmas
I was back in the kitchen, ahead of a visit from Mr W's immediate family (yes 11 people) plus my immediate family (2 people) (which with Mr W and I makes 15 people - i.e. a rather large amount of cooking). I fitted in another run of about 5 miles, ruining my ankles in the process which means no more running for a few days :( Mr W recieved a flight simulator for Christmas from his mother and spent most of the afternoon playing that, whilst I was reading. We then ate far too much Christmas cake and felt quite sick.

[Reading - Christmas Pudding by Nancy Mitford - a present from my mother in law (at my request); Cherry Ames - Senior Nurse - another in the wonderful Cherry Ames series that I came across last year - I bought several of these in a job lot on ebay which I have been saving for reading over the festive period].

On the third day of Christmas
The swimming pool was open again so I went and did 200 lengths (5 km) and chatted with another early morning regular (even though we were there about 11am) who had also overindulged. I then spent a bit more time cooking before everyone arrived. I wish I had taken pictures of the food as it seemed to be a big hit, despite the fact that we didn't have quite enough cutlery... There was mountains of washing up, and I was quite glad that the 4 year old has an early bedtime as it meant that we had the house to ourselves again by the early evening.

[Reading Forgive and forget by Patricia Scanlan - slightly mindless chick lit]


  1. sounds very busy - exhausting just reading about it... I started Christmas Pudding today on the bus and am looking forward to hitting it again tonight.

  2. What a lovely sounding if not tiring Christmas - I seemed to do a lot of washing up!

    I was back in the pool today, took me ages to swim my 1K, shows you what a few days away can do to you.

  3. Well happy Christmas! Looks like you've done some amazing baking, and loads of family stuff as well as plenty of reading and organising...

    I know just what you mean about the relief when much-loved guests depart - and I'm impressed that it was just cutlery you were short of (we'd have struggled for oxygen, seats, plates, oven/hob space...).

    All the best for a fab 2012.

  4. Looking in to wish you a very good New year. This may amuse you--my teeth are chattering with horror after reading the worst recipe I have come across in a very long time. Boston cream pie is a favorite of ours but this one was made with Crisco shortening in the icing, instant vanilla pudding for the cream filling and a commercial vanilla cake mix.
    Erika W.


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