Friday, 16 December 2011

Persephone secret santa

About ten days ago, my Persephone secret santa arrived. I was so spoilt!

So many parcels!


Along with a copy of Greenbanks which I absolutely can't wait to reread over Christmas, I had a little bookish bag, some wonderful chocolates, some lotion and a black pashmina.

The biggest of thanks to my secret santa, Emily from Seriously Reading, a blog that I hadn't discovered before.

30 of us took part in this year's Persephone Secret Santa, thanks to all of you who joined Claire and I in the fun and festivities. Hopefully we can produce a roundup of everyone's posts in due course :)


  1. Gosh, you were spoilt - lucky you! I'm looking forward to a protracted Christmas :)

  2. What a treasure trove of surprises, enjoy!

  3. What a lovely gift. Greenbanks is one of those books that I'm sure you, like me, could happily read over and over again. Maybe, like the book, you could start on Christmas day!

  4. Oh wow, it looks like you have been spoilt :o) I replied on my blog about the Rose Wilder Lane books, but here is my response in case you miss it (sorry it's so long!):

    I've not read any of these yet, but bought them all quite easily on Amazon through the marketplace. Not too expensive either. Here is the book list:

    The Rose Years
    Stories about Laura's daughter, written by Roger Lea MacBride

    1.Little House on Rocky Ridge (1993)
    2.Little Farm in the Ozarks (1994)
    3.In the Land of the Big Red Apple (1995)
    4.On the Other Side of the Hill (1995)
    5.Little Town in the Ozarks (1996)
    6.New Dawn on Rocky Ridge (1997)
    7.On the Banks of the Bayou (1998)
    8.Bachelor Girl (1999)

    There are also books based on Laura's mother and her grandmother and great grandmother, but I don't think these are based on imagined instances though. I haven't read any of them.

    Also, there are some books based around instances in the Little House books:

    Laura's Lost Years
    Stories about what happened between "On the Banks of Plum Creek" and "By the Shores of Silver Lake", written by Cynthia Rylant

    1.Old Town in the Green Groves (2002) Fiction

    Other books:
    1.Nellie Oleson Meets Laura Ingalls by Heather Williams (September 2007)Fiction
    2.Mary Ingalls on Her Own by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel (December 2007) Fiction

    The lost years one (Old Town in the Green Groves) is based on Laura's Pioneer Girl manuscript and was quite interesting but I didn't feel like it read like a Little House book. I haven't read the other two books, but the first one is meant to be from Nellie Oleson's point of view, and the second one is about Mary's experiences when she went to the college for the blind.

  5. What a lovely Santa you had! Thanks so much for coordinating the Persephone Secret Santa -- I had so much fun again this year!

  6. So lovely to see your abundant gifts! I, too, received Greenbanks. Thank you so much for organizing this with Claire. It's truly special to me. Merry Christmas!

  7. What a great gift! I always enjoy watching for these "reveal" posts. When life slows down (ha!), I'm going to participate, but I'm too afraid of not getting to the post office in time and disappointing someone to do it yet.
    Enjoy your loot!

  8. Persephone swapper are always so nice :) (Sorry to hear you've been sick btw, hope it clear up soon)

  9. Thank you for co organising this. I had such a lovely chat in the shop when buying my Secret Santa. It was fun knowing that they know about it too. Off to explore some new blogs courtesey of your next post.

  10. You got some great gifts, I sent my partner Greenbanks as well.

    Thank you for organising this, I enjoyed shopping for my partner.


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