Thursday, 22 December 2011

From little to large

From my mini Christmas cakes to the big one... Mr W's mother has asked me to take a Christmas cake on Christmas day and this is what I have produced. The cake is an 8" fruit cake which has been maturing nicely (I hope!) for a couple of months, and inspired by this wonderful cake made by the Caked Crusader (one of my favourite baking blogs). It's quite minimalist and you sadly can't see the beautiful holly ribbon that goes round the egde but I'm hoping that the cute little reindeers on the top will appeal to the nieces.

I hope to be back again to wish you a happy Christmas and share some more festive bakes before the big day (still waiting to be baked..) but I hope you're all feeling organised and excited. (I am sort of but will be relieved when I have done the big Sainsburys shop - 15 people coming on the 27th - tomorrow)


  1. Good luck with the 'big' shop - I only did a little one for some afternoon teas I had with a friend and that was stressful enough!

  2. We went to Sainsbury's today, car park was packed, not too bad at the tills though. Only one person in front of us.

  3. Your cake looks great - it was always one of my favourite designs!

    Did my big shop this morning - how relieved am I that it's done!

  4. Beautiful - you are so talented! Hope you have a lovely Christmas :o)


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