Tuesday, 12 July 2011


I had a couple of requests to show the fruits of my new oven; unfortunately I've not been taking that many pictures of the things that I've made due to disorganisation, but here are some meringues that I made last week.

Meringues SEEM complicated, and I don't know why I don't make them more often than about once a year, but as long as you separate each egg carefully, (and not straight into the mixing bowl), and as long as you have an electric mixer (ideally the freestanding sort as you can then just leave them for 5 minutes), they are really very easy, and all you have to do is work out what you want to do with the yolks. Mine look brown, not because I got the temperature wrong, but because I used unrefined caster sugar, which gives them a slightly fudgy flavour.

With the yolks, I made lemon curd, which I'd been enjoying recently from Marks and Spencer, but never previously attempted. Again, like meringues, easy peasy. You basically whisk yolks with sugar, heat it gently, melt in some butter, add lemon juice, and bring to a boil. Here's a link to Delia's recipe.

Meringues, fresh raspberries, greek yoghurt, and lemon curd - a winning combination.


  1. Lemon curd and meringues are two things I've never tried to make but if they're that easy then perhaps I should.

    Your purple plate sets off those treats so nicely!

  2. Et voila I have been reminded on how to use egg yolks. I've yet to attempt any of the macarons from a new cookbook for thinking how to use up the egg yolks. Your ,meringues look delicious.

  3. Ooo Lemon Curd. I need some of that!

    Look lovely, not a meringue fan though myself.

  4. I've never made lemon curd, have a lovely jar of that brought from English Heritage in the fridge. Had some lemon curd on gluten free. home made oven scones at the weekend, delish if I say so myself.

    A good way to use up lemon curd is to make a very simple ice cream, equal amounts by volume of lemon curd and whipping cream or double cream, whisked together, put in an ice cream machine for a few minutes if you have one, and then into a freezer container.

  5. Beautiful looking meringues.


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