Thursday, 12 August 2010


As regular readers will know from my cross stitching, I have a real fondness for Forever Friends things and when, in Hobbycraft for the second time, I spotted some Forever Friends decoupage to make cards with, I just couldn't resist.

The bottom two cards were made very simply with readymade decoupage bits, which I literally just had to stick onto the cards that I had bought.

The top one was a little more complicated as I used the kit to build up my own decoupage bear and followed a "project sheet" to turn it into a rather nice card.

A great Sunday afternoon activity...


  1. All this hobbycraft talk is making me want to explore this shop. I must resist until we've moved as I've quite enough bits and pieces already.

  2. these are the cutest and the recipient is a lucky guy or gal! unless you decide to keep them, for which I wouldn't blame you :-)

  3. Joan - I would defy anyone vaguely crafty not to find something fun in there

    leaning - I'm sending them off with my fiancé who is off away for a I'm not really parting with them

  4. Verity! Look at you're putting Martha Stewart to shame!


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