Wednesday, 4 August 2010

July Reading

The end of July passed while I was on holiday so I didn't have a chance to post about the books that I'd read during that month. I got back a bit more into my reading groove having finally got the medication that had made me feel so unable to concentrate out of my system, although still feeling unwell for a lot of the time, and being tired from being unwell alongside training for my swim, put paid to much reading, but the high total for this month again (74) is skewed by the fact that I read a large number of Babysitters Club titles during the month - comfort reading that didn't really require any concentration at all. I also read a large number of novels by Richmal Crompton, which I greatly enjoyed, which were lent to me by Simon from Stuck in a book, and I read a couple of books about Austria where we are heading for our weddingmoon this time next year (less than a year to go now!), and some more cake decorating books as I continue to think about making my wedding cake. One of the highlights of the month was rereading Cat's Eye by Margaret Atwood which I read at school but could barely remember, and another was Olga Grushin's wonderful The concert ticket. I think I only read one Virago Modern Classic for my other blog which has been sidelined a bit.

Not too sure that I have many plans for August - I don't feel terribly interested in the Booker longlist, although that may change if I see some of the books in the library. My TBR is of reasonable proportions, but I intend to save most of the books on it to take away on my holiday at the start of next month. I hope I will find some books that I want to blog about...

True things about me Kay Davies, Deborah
Out of the red, into the blue Comyns, Barbara AB
Mary Anne and the great romance Martin, Ann C
Roofs off Crompton, Richmal
Stacey's movie Martin, Ann C
The family GI diet Gallop, Richard NF
Jessi's babysitter Martin, Ann C
Frost at morning Crompton, Richmal
Diary of a mad bride Wolff, Laura
Cakes to inspire and desire Smith, Lindy NF
Mackintosh Pickeral, Tamsin NF
Stacey vs Claudia Martin, Ann C
The quilter's kitchen Chiaverini, Jennifer
A seasider practice Smith, Tom AB
Hello Mallory Martin, Ann C
River trail Lloyd, Marjorie C
Kristy's secret admirer Martin, Ann
Cake: a history Humble, Nicola NF
Road to Leenane Du Maurier, Angela
The great sister war Frewin Jones, Allan C RR
Quick and easy party cakes Farrow, Joanna NF
Food doctor diet Farber, Ian NF
Two lives Trevor, William
Mary Anne's big break up Martin, Ann C
Abby's twin Martin, Ann C
Maru Head, Bessie VMC
French revolutions Moore, Tim AB NF
Narcissa Crompton, Richmal
Mary Anne's New House Martin, Ann C
Blind man's buff Crompton, Richmal
Baby sitters European Vacation Martin, Ann
My sister, my slave Frewin Jones, Allan C RR
Inheritance: the story of Knole Sackville-West, Robert NF
No time party cakes Deaocn, Carol NF
Modern British posters Ree, Paul NF
Star search Frewin Jones, Allan
Wedding cakes and cultural history Charlsley, Simon NF
Cats eye Atwood, Margaret RR
Claudia and the middle school mystery Martin, Ann C
Fell top Watson, Winifed
Traveller's Austria Cook, Thomas NF
Dancing in a distant place Dewar, Islar C
Jessica Rushton, Rosie C
Oddysey of Euphema Tracey Crompton, Richmal
Austria Rough guide NF
Single girl in the city Gorman, Michelle
Mary Anne vs Logan Martin, Ann
Yellow lighted bookshop Buzbee, Lewis AB
Cake chic Porschen, Peggy NF
Stacey's emergency Martin, Ann C
Avalanche Rogers van der Luff, A C
Stacey's ex best friend Martin, Ann
Dancers dancing Dhubaine, Eilis Ni RR
Sandy Toye, C.R. NF
Dawn's big move Martin, Ann C
Get well soon Mallory Martin, Ann C
Making of Amelia Moriarty, Jaclyn
The song house Azzopardi, Trezza
School on the North Barrule Allen, Mabel Esther C
School at Skelton Hall EBD C
Summer term Greyfell
The concert ticket Grushin, Olga
Jean of storms EBD
Aloha BSC Martin, Ann C
Other people's marriages Watson, Shane
Getting over Mr Right Manby, Chrissie
The fancy Dickens, Monica RR
Dawn and the We love kids club Martin, Ann C
Welcome to the BSC Abby Martin, Ann C
The sea room Nicholson, Adam NF
The first woman doctor Baker, Rachel NF
Guyaholic Mackler, Carolyn


  1. Hi Verity, how did you find The Sea Room by Adam Nicolson? I am intrigued to read this after enjoying his Sissinghurst. (When he spoke at Adelaide Writers' Week he struck me as a guy who was not afraid to show his 'sensitive' side!)

  2. Merenia - I liked it, but it was more of a history of the island than about islands per se. I am going to read the Sissinghurst book but I will leave it for when we can make a trip there.

  3. I'm also about to start True Things About Me.

    Love the generous sprinkling of BSC!


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