Thursday, 5 August 2010


I didn't used to tend to make recipes calling for large quantities of grated vegetables, as I have a very cheap (in fact from the Sainsburys "Economy" range which predated their "Basics" range) grater, which is fine for grating a small amount of cheese, but not large amounts of vegetables. This has all changed since the acquisition of my Kenwood mixer with its grater insert for the food processor attachment. It was SO easy to grate the quantity needed to make this appealing carrot and walnut loaf (decorated with sunflower seeds) from Leila Lindholm's Piece of cake book which I still have on loan from the library.

In fact it was so easy, that I ended up with far too much carrot, and had to make these little carrot muffins from The primrose bakery cupcake book too. Don't they look delightful in the pretty paper cases on my gorgeous cake stand??


  1. It's nearly lunchtime, I'm *starving*, these look soooo good! :)

  2. These look so good! I've been very frustrated in the kitchen lately. My oven broke and after waiting almost 2 weeks for the part, it turned out to be the wrong one! They are promising a shorter wait this time, but if this was November, there would have been bloodshed.


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