Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Strawberry gateau

On our way home from our weekend in Cornwall, we stopped off for a wonderful cream tea at The Mad Hatters tearoom's in Launceston. Chosen because it offered gluten-free scones, which meant that I could participate (although I shouldn't really eat cream either, and I did regret it, but it tasted so good that it was sort of worth it). We bought extra scones and some clotted cream to take home to have with my homemade jam, but then there was some clotted cream leftover...

To use it up, I made my fiance an individual strawberry gateau - I did a one-egg Victoria sponge recipe, which I baked in the pork pie tin I'd purchased previously to make a mini celebration cake, and then sliced it into layers which I filled with clotted cream and strawberries. It was deemed extremely good, and apparently could have been eaten all in one go (I enforced some restraint as I didn't want to have to make another pudding for the next night).


  1. really cute, was eyeing up a mini springform baking tin this morning. You might just have swung it:)

  2. It looks delicious, but so do all your cakes it seems!

  3. mmm this summer I have really been loving strawberry Victoria sponges.

  4. I would be very tempted to skip dinner and dive right into that adorable...and delicious...looking cake!

    Last weekend, R and I bought a 'chocolate cake for two' and split it down the middle. Even though we're grown-ups we still size up each half to see which is bigger!

  5. That looks scrumptious, I'd pass on the strawberries, and have raspberries instead. Have begun getting raspberries from the canes in our garden - they're autumn fruiting ones, but not many yet.

  6. Hayley - that sounds fun.

    Iris - I do have the occasional failure.

    Darlene - LOVE the sound of a chocolate cake for two.

    Geraldine - I actually got the idea from my MUm who did a similar full size thing with raspberries once when I was little. We also used to have autumn fruiting raspberries - much better as you can look forward to them when other things are over.

    Joan - they are very summery! I have made my own jam to go in my Victoria sponges.


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