Thursday, 19 August 2010

Some more cross stitch

As you might know, my fiance has gone away for a while, and before I left I gave him this cross stitch which I'd been working on to remind him to call me (the bear is holding a mobile phone (I hope it *is* recognisable as a mobile phone but this had to be explained to the recipient)). I have a feeling that the cross stitch has been left buried in the car as calls have been somewhat sporadic, but I did think it was a lovely design and didn't take too long to complete. I have had this frame for some time, so we'll be able to have it on display when he brings it back.

I'm now working on a cross stitch for a friend's birthday - however, I didn't start it in time and as the birthday is on Saturday, I'm not sure it will be done, but I think she'll appreciate it when I do get it done. Could make her a matching decoupage birthday card!

As I mentioned on Monday, I'm off to Edinburgh for the weekend, so I won't be posting tomorrow or over the weekend. (And, I'll only be back for a couple of days before taking a longer, fortnight break, although I may pop in and out). Thanks to you all for your wonderful suggestions of books to read and things to do in Edinburgh. Many of the ideas were on loan from the library, but Kirsty from Oxford World Classics has kindly sent me a Walter Scott tome (which nearly took me over the limit for hand luggage!). Otherwise I have packed Juliet Naked, by Nick Hornby, Swimming by Nicola Keegan, and The house of Mirth by Edith Wharton. Should I run out of reading material, I know my fiance went to the Old Children's Bookshelf to pick up the two latest Greyladies titles for me, which I was planning to save for my holiday in the Lakes, but will provide emergency words. I'm intending to visit the Scottish National Gallery and maybe a National Trust property; the castle being extortionately expensive, and my fiance has got tickets for Morgan and West, the Time Travelling Magicians which sounds fun, as well as for two performances of his brother's play. I now just need to find out whether British Airways will let me take my cross stitch on board...


  1. The Scottish National Gallery is wonderful. I am about to start doing a Brambly Hedge cross stitch for my niece - I haven't done cross stitch for years though so who knows what it will end up looking like!

  2. Hopefully you will be all right with your cross-stitch but they did take away my knitting needles last year in Toronto.

    Have a fabulous time on your travels, Verity!


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