Tuesday, 3 August 2010

I'm back!

My week off is over, and I'm back to work and "normal life", but not for too long, as it's only three weeks until I have over a fortnight of holidaytime. I was wondering whether or not I wanted to resume blogging, as I really enjoyed having a break from the computer and have enjoyed doing other things (more of later) in the last week or so, but I still have things that I want to write about. My focus may change somewhat, but I'm not sure in what direction!

It was a busy week off. The highlight was undoubtedly our weekend in a "room with a view", where I didn't make that much of a dent in the books that I had taken, but I appreciated having plenty to choose from (in fact I'd already read 2 of the books in the pile I showed before leaving, and added three library books).

The main purpose of our weekend in Cornwall was to participate in the Padstow-Rock swim - an annual event, which involves swimming a mile across the estuary to the other side. Friends and regular readers will know that I am a keen swimmer; friends and regular readers may also know that much as I love swimming, I hate being cold. Unfortunately I got very cold waiting for the swim to start, but I did manage to complete it, and it was an excellent preparation for The Great North Swim that I'll be doing in Lake Windemere in September. Long standing readers may remember that I did this challenge in order to raise money for the mental health charity Mind last year, and this is my motivation once more. Mind do an amazing job of raising the profile of mental health in Britain, and one of their current campaigns involves the promotion of mental health in the work place. Please consider sponsoring me if you can, however little the amount, as Mind are a hugely worthy cause and I am keen to raise as much as possible. There is more information both about my challenge and how Mind can use the money raised at my justgiving page.

And here's an action shot from last time around...

Besides the weekend in Cornwall, I managed to fit in a behind the scenes visit to a college library, courtesy of a friend who has just changed jobs, a behind the scenes visit to Chastleton House, a National Trust property where I was lucky enough to spend some time looking at the library collections, a wedding, and a trip to Hobbycraft. I also did quite a lot of baking and a few crafty things, of which more later in the week. Some reading also took place, and I have one book that I especially want to write about soon. Although I'd like to mention the fact that it is OVER TWO WEEKS since I have bought a book (a fact that I partly attribute to being away from the bad influence of one of my colleagues); this is something that I felt should be rewarded with something bookish (a fact that I attribute to returning to the bad influence of my colleague who has just purchased one) - when it turns up later this week, I shall reveal all (and take no responsibility for those of you who feel you have to have one too).


  1. it's nice to have you back Verity!

  2. Welcome back, Verity...that is a beautiful beach you have pictured! I have to confess that the shot of you swimming in that choppy open water gives me the vapours!

  3. Glad that you will be continuing to blog, Verity. Look forward to hearing what this mysterious new book purchase is.

  4. Hi Verity, welcome back. I am glad you still have some blogging in you, because I so enjoy your blog, (and enjoy your selection of blog links in the sidebar, which seem to coincide well with my own tastes.) However I am sure blogging can potentially feel like one great big university assignment that never ends... and a break or stop totally understandable and better that than it being a burden. Loved your two holiday pics. I so like the bit of 'life' that you include in your blog along with things bookish. Is a world away from Mummy land in the southern hemisphere. Would love to hear more detail about your library visits - was drooling. Are there pics of these libraries?

  5. Thanks for your kind words everyone. Afraid I didn't have my camera for the library visits (mainly because I spend so much time in libraries that it doesn't feel too much like tourism...)

    Hopefully my mysterious purchase will arrive in time for me to blog about before the weekend.

    BTW - the link to my justgiving page didn't work, but it does now...

  6. Blimey that swimming really impresses me, I love swimming I just couldn't do that I don't think but its amazing you do.

    I dont know how you manage your blogs and all your reading I sometimes find that something has to give. Not for long just for a bit.

    Sounds like you had a lovely break and that beach looks stunning.

  7. Welcome back! Sounds like you had a lovely time and well done with the swim!

    Taking a break from blogging is sometimes necessary - you have to make sure you are blogging for the right reasons and not stressing yourself out about it! :)

  8. Welcome back and congratulations on the swim.


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