Monday, 9 August 2010

Knitted cakes

Who could resist this title that brings together two of my interests - knitting - and cake...both of which are frequent topics on my blog? I can't remember how I came across the title, I think Amazon recommended it to me, but I was sufficiently intrigued to pay the 85p reservation charge to request it from the library.

There are twenty cakes in this book, all photographed and looking good enough to eat (actually, I'm not sure about that as the thought of wool in my mouth is enough to make me shudder). There is a double chocolate layer cake, mini furry muffins, a Valentine's heart shaped cake, fruit tarts, iced donuts, carrot cake...

Unfortunately the standard of knitting required by the patterns in this book is far beyond my current abilities (although I could probably manage the swiss roll, which is essentially the equivalent of two knitted dishcloths stitched together). More fortunately, one of my more skilled colleagues was fascinated and horrified by this book and has offered to knit me the piece of wedding cake. She's got a year (well, 357 days now...) and I look forward to seeing how it turns out!

My next knitting project is to make a little case for the ipod touch that I acquired whilst I was on my break from work - I'm not much of a gadget girl, but this is great as it enables me to follow blogs and keep up with my emails without switching the computer on, and when I'm out and about (if I find free wi-fi) (although I'm struggling with the touch screen keyboard). I've got a recipe, or should that be pattern, which looks quite straightforward in my Usborne "How to knit" book, so when I finish my current cross stitch it will be out with the needles again.


  1. 'Fascinated and horrified' just about sums it up :)

    I have seen patterns for knitted cupcakes but this just seems so... decadent!

  2. I might have to get this for Granny Savidge Reads, it sounds just perfect for her. I am seeing her this weekend and must, must, mustask her about some jumpers she is making for me and The Converted One (not matching I hasten to add!)

  3. Love this!! My ipod fell in the pool and died, so I'll be buying a new ipod touch this week... can't wait!

  4. I just love those knitted cake slices and I've seen some really adorable cupcakes as well!

  5. Beyond strange! I can't wait to see how the wedding cake slice turns out - I trust you will blog it...


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