Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Bake of the week: cherry and almond marble cake

An absolute favourite which I discovered earlier this year on the Waitrose website - this is an almondy cake, filled with cherry jam before baking and swirled with a fork to distribute cherry jam throughout the mixture. Mine doesn't look quite like Waitrose' picture, but it was extremely tasty and earned full marks from my boyfriend.


  1. De-lish! What I'm most envious of is your pan liners. I get out the parchment paper and scissors, then proceed to perform a small act of origami to keep my baked goods from sticking. Must check out kitchen shops for these...I had no idea, sheesh!

  2. Oh, I might just have to try making this one! I love St Dalfour's cherry jam :)

  3. JoAnn - it was!

    Darlene - they are wonderful inventions. I get mine from Lakeland plastics (I wonder if they deliver to Canada?) http://www.lakeland.co.uk/ I'll post you their catalogue some time - full of wodnerful things.

    Digifish - I just used Wilkins jam but it was very good. I think there is big potential to try other flavours besides cherry!

  4. This looks lovely, I love cherries and almonds, I'm off to the Waitrose web site now!

  5. I just went on their website, they have loads of wonderful things! They have a virtual catalogue so save your pence Verity...thanks for the link.


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