Friday, 6 November 2009

Book buying update #3

I have survived week three. It hasn't been too bad, particularly as a very kind colleague from another library sent me a parcel of two books about libraries, one to borrow and one to keep. Thank you very much Owen for brightening up Wednesday morning and helping me along the way.


I have a few small confessions to make this week. I have started buying Christmas presents and they are mainly books - so I have still been able to get a kick out of internet parcels arriving. I have bought a range of lovely children's books for my two small cousins (6 year old girl, 3 year old boy), The cloudspotter's guide for my Mum (requested by her) and The third Rumpole Omnibus for my Dad (we borrowed vols. 1 and 2, and he lamented the fact that there wasn't a third - the Book Depository came up trumps). Book depository had the best price for both of those, and I was able to benefit Paperback reader by using the link in the top lefthand corner of her page. I also picked up 2 books in the library sale for an early Christmas present for a friend; the fact that I also wanted to read them is obviously beside the point as it only cost me 40p. On the plus side, I have only a few more Christmas presents to purchase - notelets for my Gran, and something for my boyfriend.

I have also made two more non essential purchases this week:
I bought an advent calendar for my boyfriend filled with lovely fair trade 70% dark chocolate; presents were off the agenda, but he's in need of chocolate and cheering up.
I had my nose pierced! This is something I have been longing to do for years, but never quite had the courage to do. I had a wonderful outing with one of my oldest friends on Thursday to Selfridges in London, where there is a piercing studio and I took the plunge. I'm keeping it fairly secret as I am desperate to surprise as many people as possible. I have absolutely no idea how my Mum will react when I see her tonight (although I have already told her partner!).


  1. I love buying books for gifts and thank you for using my Book Depository link - every little helps! The proceeds will go towards books, I am sure.

    Hope your nose heals well.

  2. Verity I think you are doing just amazingly! In fact I have mentioned it in my post to day which you have partly inspired. I think buying books for others and accidentally reading them is allowed? Or am I wrong? Ha!

    Hope the nose heals well, sneezing is the worst apparently!

  3. Claire - I hope other people might buy books too through your link after I highlighted it.

    Simon - thanks - very kind of you to mention me. It wasn't accidentally reading the books, they were actually for Claire and we agreed I could read them first. It feels weird having the stud in my nose, but I had a good cry last night and still manage to blow my nose. Have yet to sneeze though...

  4. My hat is off to you for getting some Christmas shopping done in early November, the books should be a hit! I also admire how well you're doing on applying the brakes to your book purchases.

    Now that nose stud can add even more sparkle to your face than your 1,000 watt smile!!!

  5. Darlene - sadly it came out at the weekend - I was gutted!


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