Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Bake of the week: Nigella's Lemon Gems

Nigella's lemon gems have been on my to-bake list for quite sometime - they are very attractively pictured in her book How to be a domestic goddess and they sounded like quite a different sort of biscuit to the ones that I normally make. They are little ball-shaped biscuits, which are flattened slightly so that they can be filled with lemon curd (Nigella says that her children call them fried egg biscuits). I was a little disappointed by the results - they needed far more lemon curd, so I should have made much bigger indents for filling them with, and the base turned out a bit dry and wasn't really sweet enough (in fact I had wondered about the amount of sugar in the recipe when I baked it).


  1. Sorry this didn't turn out. Will you look for another recipe like it? The idea of it sounds yummy.

  2. Have a bowl of lemon curd on hand for dipping? Yum!

  3. Good idea Darlene. I may make them again, but I think I can think of better things to do with lemon curd.


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